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Indico Artificial Intelligence
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Indico Artificial Intelligence Software is widely-recognized in the Enterprise AI sector and provides a new paradigm to deep learning by offering innovative transfer learning solutions. It deals with the challenges of unstructured content and is focused on lowering barriers to entry in the Artificial Intelligence sector. It helps in accelerating enterprise success by minimizing data, time, and expertise required to get exponential growth in results.

Indico Pricing

Indigo Pricing is varied for varied customer needs and requirements. Indico pricing is not explicitly stated and has to be negotiated with Indico pricing Team as per business needs and user requirements.

Indigo Pricing plans are as follows-

  1. Individual User - 1 included user.
  2. Team - 3 included users (1 team admin)
  3. Enterprise - 10 included users (3 team admin)


Indico Demo

Demo and free trials are not separately provided but to aid users in grasping the essence of software and platform, Indico Artificial Intelligence Software provides videos and webinars on the website that covers various services Indico offers. These videos help the users understand the platform and provide an almost hands-on experience.


Contract Analysis
  • Categorize and flag issues for fast-track review by experts in the respective subject matter.
  • Compare different contracts for differential analysis and automatically score contracts against specified policies.
  • Regulatory Compliance Automation
  • Score documents that are incoming against specified company policies or regulations.
  • Automate the process of regulatory inquiry responses.
RFP Analysis and Composition
  • Analyze previous RFPs for determining the successful language.
  • Assess responses and questions to optimize language for a set of questions and create an initial draft for live review.
Customer Support Automation And Analysis
  • Implement wide-scale automation to replace manual content review.
  • Accelerate cycle time to spot relevant content and highlight outliers.



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Indico Artificial Intelligence Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Expert Guidance and Support”

Always approachable and ready to provide guidance and assist with use case identification. Low investment software.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Ease of Integration”

Provides comprehensive APIs for integrating into various third party applications and software.
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