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Modelshop artificial intelligence software allows users to create production-grade models that become core components of businesses. It provides a self-service automation platform so users can automate processes without any technical issues. Premade models with high customization options aid users in deploying their models quickly and efficiently.

Modelshop Pricing

Modelshop pricing varies depending on the services the user needs and selects. Modelshop pay as you go system allows users to adapt to business needs as they arise. The average price for the basic necessities is about $80 to $100. The prices may go higher if the user selects extra features and add-ons. Standard Modelshop pricing is as follows:

  • Basic: $80 per month

Modelshop Demo

Modelshop Artificial Intelligence Software offers users a 60-day trial period to test out their software which can be converted into a paid account as the trial ends. Detailed guides and community blogs about how to use the software are available on their website free of charge


Industry Connectors
  • Gives users unlimited flexibility to add data, create variables, and make a high-performance decision and pricing models
  • Integrates with the users existing origination and servicing for a pleasant user experience
Variable Flexibility
  • Access any data using Modelshops powerful variable engine like credit card reports even without any coding skills
  • Easy to use the system to drag and drop new credit variables
Innovate New Strategies
  • Allows users to back-test and run forward projections on credit policies before deploying them
  • Optimization, simulation, and machine learning are built right into the software
One-Click Model Deployment
  • Ready to deploy models which are scalable as real-time services from the moment they are built
  • Accelerate the implementation of new credit strategies by skipping the coding, reducing the time to deploy from weeks to minutes
Explainable Yet Powerful
  • Enables credit analysts to better their scorecards through integrated machine learning tools which can be easily explained to regulators
  • Integration of H20 and Python along with integrated data lineage



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Modelshop Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Great AI”

Easy to use features and automatic data modelling which are better than other platforms.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Understands your data”

Amazing tool to quickly understand and implement your data. Helps us keep up with the fast-paced economy without a hitch.
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