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Ori Artificial Intelligence Software is a man-made artificial intelligence conversational marketing solution that bridges a link between the care team and also the patients. It brings affordable AI-powered customer care to health and wellness to a business that is looking to grow and flourish profitably. It is on a mission to remodel the health and wellness business by filling in the gaps with customers. It is fast-growing and helps in aiding funds and building incredible companies.

Ori Pricing

Based on the requirement, there are Ori Pricing segments for different sections. Ori Pricing comes in four segments and they are:

  1. Starter- $50/month, which bestow with 1000 chats
  2. Team -$149/month, which bestow with 5000 chats 
  3. Business- $499/month, which bestow with 25000 chats 
  4. Enterprise- fixed-price contracts for big teams in large companies

Ori Demo

Ori Artificial Intelligence Software bestows free demo for all its versions for 14 days, but to avail the service a customer has to log in and fill the necessary details on the website. The demo will then be available to the user with all its functionalities.



Lead acquisition
  • Qualify faster and better conversion of leads
  • Aids to route the leads in 24*7 with bot + human conversation
Customer engagement
  • Integrate support across the product and service lifecycle 
  • Engage complete merchandise and repair channel marketing suite and onboard a deep drive targeting and funnel recovery
Multiple needs, one platform
  • Supports multilingual proficiency to capture the finer nuances and dialects to create real bots
  • Fosters omnichannel platform to let the users visualize the context and switch amid interfaces from one channel to another 
  • Protects data using 256bit AES with 2048 RSA encryption 
Drive great results 
  • Improves self-care resolution by bringing down call center and email volumes
  • Fosters human agents to focus on more critical business aspects
  • Aids to provide an instant automated response for complex and critical queries across the product or service



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Ori Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Provides new insights”

Ori proffers the user with a toolkit of various functions to gain insights into the document and relationship between data.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 25, 2020

“Increasing findability”

Ori augments the findability of the document by using keyword extraction.
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