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Scribe Artificial Intelligence Software is an in-Slack sales assistant, designed by Scribe Technologies that brings emails to Slack and powers persuasive replies to intensify conversations with prospects. Scribe helps to update CRM instantly. Businesses can save time spent behind hiring sales personnel. They can configure emails which they want to share in Slack, receive instant notifications on a lead status change, opportunity updates, deals closed/won, etc.

Scribe Pricing

Scribe Pricing offers three types of pricing segments for subscription-based on workflows and other features. The subscription costs between a range of $0 to $99+. The different segments under Scribe Pricing are listed below:

  • Starter: $0 (Free forever) (30 Scribe Workflows per user)
  • Enterprise: $99/user/month (Unlimited Scribe workflows per user)
  • Custom: Contact the vendor for details

Scribe Demo

YouTube videos are available on the official Scribe Artificial Intelligence Software website explaining its various features. The button to view a step-by-step written guide is also available on the same page. Interested users can also subscribe for a 14-day free trial having no prerequisite of a credit card.

Scribe Features 


Create custom actions on top of incoming event notifications
Use pres-established data for actions, incoming event data or even get user input in Slack

Integration: Integrate with email, calendar, sheets, CRM and more. Connect any new app with webhook support

Controlled sharing: Control events to share. Decide the elements of event data to be shared as part of the notification

Cross-platform updates: Get any data from any integration into Slack, modify it and resend back to the same app or any other integration

Collaboration: Monitor the notification receivers and actions taken by notification viewers

Customisation: Setup GIFs using custom text queries to event notifications. Base it on incoming event data to get a daily share of puzzles


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Scribe Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 25, 2020


No need to waste time to plan and execute hiring processes. Scribe is more than efficient to deliver smart replies to customers and impress them.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Extensively feature-rich”

It provides functionalities that help and aid in the process, making tasks take lesser time than before. The pricing model is also quite convenient.
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