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Amy Artificial Intelligence Software fosters meeting, scheduling business, doesn’t aid the data selling business. It facilitates encryption of every detail and maintains a secure, locked-down cloud service and aids to automatically reject all email attachments where no human intervention is needed in the loop.

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Amy Artificial Intelligence Software is an AI scheduling and it connects among all calendars and coordinates and facilitates the best time to meet with guests. By sharing the URL, the guests select time according to the preference. It has built one of the best AI experiences, assistants are Amy and Andrew Ingram, and they facilitate scheduling meetings so that an individual is not stuck during sending emails.

Amy Pricing

Amy Pricing uses for free which is unlimited to access or an individual can select a monthly premium plan also and if one wants can also cancel it anytime. Amy Pricing uses the following set of standards, they are:

  1. Free- $0- which is free forever, but one needs to sign up, here the facilities are unlimited meetings, instant network scheduling and many more

  2. Individual- $8/month, here also sign up is necessary, here the facilities are customized signature, zapier integration and many more

  3. Team -$12/month, sign up necessary, enable conference room booking, favorite conference room, and many more facilities

Amy Demo

Amy Artificial Intelligence Software facilitates a free plan which is free forever but to access the service an individual needs to sign in into the official website, i.e. There is a help center that provides a wealth of data and information on each and every topic.


  • Transparent: Verifies the details of the meeting with an individual before reaching out to any guests. Maintains transparency and let an individual be in control of the access without giving any kind of surprises

  • Personalized: Fosters and customize an individual’s preference. Maintains a link to follow up, to meet with guests whenever an individual wants to be in contact with them.

  • Efficient: Fosters and helps to schedule a meeting with a single email. Handles the follow up to ensure that it gets synchronized with the calendar

  • Time management: Aids to maintain time duration to control as one wants to set limited meeting hours and take a break between the meeting


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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Saves time”

AMY lets an individual to save time by accessing control as one wants, like setting limited meeting duration and getting a break time during the meeting hours.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 25, 2020

“Meeting scheduled instantly”

AMY helps to monitor and schedule a meeting request with the connections in the network and makes well coordination link with guests to find a time.
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60 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal”
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