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BarnOwl Audit Software
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BarnOwl Audit Software USP

BarnOwl’s USP lies in its precise management of an organisation’s records through its various norms and policies. This allows the organisation to keep itself updated and safe from anomalies and adhere to the compliances of the industry. Implementation of security patches helps an organisation to ward-off unnecessary elements. 

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BarnOwl is an exclusive audit software solution which integrates government, risk management and compliances to create a holistic and safe environment for an organisation to work with. BarnOwl supports the best practices while implementing the GRC module which starts from analysing, mitigation and then finally resolving any anomalies that might have arisen in the organisation. BarnOwl is been used by over 200 organisation by organisations across Europe and Africa. 

BarnOwl Pricing

BarnOwl supports industries across various verticals, therefore, BarnOwl Pricing has been dynamically designed to suit the industry needs. This is the reason why BarnOwl Pricing is not common for all and BarnOwl Pricing is not available publicly. You need to contact the vendor to get more information on BarnOwl Pricing. 

BarnOwl Demo

BarnOwl provides a demo version of the audit software according to your industry needs so that you get a hang of it. The demo version has all the features of BarnOwl which allow you to test it specifically and check whether it meets your industry standards or not. 

BarnOwl Features

Here are some of the features of BarnOwl which makes it one of the most sought after audit software solution in the spectrum of GRC modules. 

Risk Management
  • BarnOwl helps to achieve strategic objectives with the help of continuous risk protection through advanced levels of control. 
  • Comfort in managing the business with increased efficiency with the help of continuous risk management. 
  • BarnOwl helps you to follow various norms of the industry and adhere to the policies and regulations. 
  • Regular compliance management ensures smooth coordination among the employees of the organisation and hassle-free operation. 
  • BarnOwl supports audit strategies across multiple platforms to ensure the best practices. 
  • It facilitates audit planning to audit reporting. 
  • Helps you to adhere to security norms for audit by complying with the security norms in order to not leak important information. 
  • Implements security patches to screen each and every activity minutely and give reports. 


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BarnOwl Audit Software
71 Buyers Negotiating
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BarnOwl Audit Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Compliance management and security check at its best.”

BarnOwl helps to report any anomalies and keeps us updated with the required compliances of the industry.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Best for audit under the GRC module”

BarnOwl is the best that you can get to manage robust GRC modules through its various attractive features.
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