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CURA Audit Software
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CURA Audit Software USP

The main USP of CURA Software is its versatility. The software has been used by clients from across industries, from pharmaceutical to construction and from the public sector to the private sector. The software allows multiple methodologies for auditing, which makes it fit for use by all scales of clientele. Additionally, it supports multiple allied management tasks, which provide it with an edge over other similar software.

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CURA Software is a risk-based internal audit management software, which allows firms to create standard documentation for internal auditing purposes. It helps standardize work papers and efficiently plan internal audits in companies. Additionally, it also helps in data collection from the field and creates detailed reports with recommendations based on the results obtained.

CURA Software Pricing

CURA Software pricing is very heavily dependent on the features and tools required of the software by the user. Hence, CURA Software pricing is not publicly available. To make inquiries about CURA Software pricing, prospective customers may contact the vendor.

CURA Software Demo

The software offers a demo to all prospective customers. However, the specifications of the demo software are dependent on the requirements of the customer. Hence, a demo version is not freely available. The vendor may be contacted to arrange a demo.


This Software offers the following feature to its users.

Structured Work Papers
  • Work papers are structured according to a defined format, which is customizable as per the requirements of the user
  • The work papers obtained are easy to understand and derive conclusions from
Simplified Input
  • The software can obtain results even from rudimentary raw data input
  • The requirements from the report generated can be very easily specified by the user
Assistance WIth Multiple Management Tasks
  • Apart from auditing, Software also provides assistance with a number of other allied management tasks
  • The software also assists users with policy and procurement tasks and corporate governance requirements
Multiple Methodologies
  • The software offers support for multiple methodologies of auditing
  • Supported methods include HSEC, project, internal and many more


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CURA Audit Software
79 Buyers Negotiating
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CURA Audit Software Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Ideal For Auditing”

CURA Software is the perfect software for all kinds of auditing tasks. It offers broad-based support for all tasks related to auditing.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Reports Are Easy To Understand”

The results and reports generated by CURA Software are extremely easy to understand. This makes it one of the best platforms available for internal auditing purposes.
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