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AuditFile USP

AuditFile tracks any frauds through bank-level security features. It is an efficient software in stopping potential scams and carrying out accurate audits in multiple firms. The software is a web-based Saas product working effectively for thousands of firms and users. The Pro Plus package offers an in-built Wiley Advantage Audit tool for tracking the risk-based audit process. It makes lesser sophisticated audits easier and enhances profit generation.

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AuditFile is a software that helps teams carry out efficient reviews, audits and compilation in a secure manner. They are the leading suppliers of audit management solutions. Founded in 2011, it is a cloud-enabled tool that detects audit frauds by single-click statement fabrication. AuditFile offers a high-end secured solution for CPA and internal audit firms. The software also performs internal auditing, reviews, and accounting data compilation.

AuditFile Features

Grab the quick insights to secure CPA and internal audit firms from audit frauds:
  • Maintain modern standards
    • Top-class auditing system process
    • Gives easy access and total security
    • Contract less and no installation issues
  • Impactful user experience
    • It requires no prior training to work on the tool
    • Offers smart interfaces, participative workflows, and smooth transition process
  • Complex and result-driven gadget
    • Real-time dashboard and progress indicators
    • Seamless workflows to make the audit process error-free
    • Promises 20% enhanced efficiency
  • Impressive tracking and analysis structure
    • It provides an end-to-end tracking system
    • Complex analytics options to deliver result-driven patterns


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AuditFile Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Fast audit program”

It is a cloud-enabled audit software with rapid tracking and analytics characters.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Simple to use yet powerful gadget”

The tool offers an easy-to-use interface for CPA professionals and internal audit firms. It requires no training and works with no roadblocks. They offer a great structure for easy integration of multiple tasks on a single frame.
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