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Audits Management
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Audits Management USP

The primary USP of Audits Management audit software is that it specializes in environmental health and safety. This helps meet the specific needs of this industry. Further, it offers an easy to use UI which does not require expertise to get used to. The recommendations offered by this software are simple and easy to understand and implement in companies of all scales.

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It is an auditing software centred on the environmental health and safety industry. Audits Management audit software provides easy auditing and rapid deployment in order to make business processes more efficient through the workflow. It is involved in all the processes of auditing, right from forming the blueprint to deciding the workflow and eventual implementation.


Audits Management Pricing depends significantly on the tools required by the potential customer. Hence, details of this tool are not publicly available. Audits Management pricing details may be enquired about by contacting the product support team directly or arranging a trial. 


It offers a free trial period to all its customers. However, since the specifications of the software are dependent on the requirements of the customer, a free trial is not publicly available. The free trial needs to be arranged by contacting the vendor and having the platform installed at your site.


The following features are provided by this software-

  • Rapid Updating
    • The software is updated regularly in order that the user stays up to date with the latest functionality
    • Rapid updates also keep the auditing process up to speed with latest developments
  • Multi Tenacity
    • Multi tenacity in Audits Management helps with seamless and continuous system upgrades
    • These system upgrades are offered at no extra cost to the user
  • Security
    • It follows certified data security protocols
    • These data security protocols followed by Audits Management  help ensure that important and sensitive data and information belonging to firms is not compromised
  • Mobile Solutions
    • It also provides a powerful mobile solution to its customers
    • Mobile solutions ensure that work can be monitored and modified on the go, without the need for a workstation


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Audits Management
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Audits Management Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Easy To Implement”

The audit results provided by Audits Management audit software are simple to interpret. The auditing process itself is very simple and straightforward.
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Buyer, Chemicals and Materials, SME

May 09, 2020

“Security Not Compromised On”

The security options provided by Audits Management are very satisfactory and ensure data breaches and intrusions do not occur.
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