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Baseline USP

Baseline’s USP lies in its ability to conduct pre-audit and inform the organisation of the various norms and policies to which it should adhere. It ensures the best practices by enabling certifications required. It gives instant feedback through reports and ensures the quality and improvement of the organisation in which it is implemented. 

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Baseline is an audit software synchronised for quality and checks assurances in a digital radiology department. It conducts activities such as pre-audit of the various functions, analysis of any operational gaps and helps you to take a JCL or a QMENTUM accreditation. It is the best tool with which you can achieve compliances adhering to European norms. Baseline offers an extremely professional team at your disposal to help to fill the gaps and update the quality assurance schemes by catering to the needs of the customers. 

Baseline Pricing

Pricing is based on the scale of your operations, thus, Baseline pricing is not available publicly. Baseline pricing is engineered specifically when you ask for their services. This dynamic nature of Baseline pricing ensures that its pricing policies are just as unbiased as its audit. 

Baseline Demo

Baseline offers a demo which will allow you to check out the software and get a hang of its various useful features onboard. The demo comes free of cost and has got all the required plugins. 

Baseline Features

Here are the features of Baseline which makes it the best in clinical audit and filling up structural gaps in the organisation. 

Baseline Pre-audit
  • Baseline provides an unbiased pre-audit to review the current status of the radiology department by comparing common good practices.  
  • Work on the problem areas to ensure better results during the audit process. 
Department evaluation
  • Evaluation of the department without disturbing the workflow and maintaining a proper order. 
  • Assessment of current clinical practices with regards to the guidelines of QUADRIL.   
Instant effective feedback
  • A personalised report of the key issues and a direct and accessible plan of the actions to be undertaken. 
  • Benchmark for comparisons to be made with other hospitals and organisations. 
Ensuring quality and improvement
  • Reports give you an overview of your current positions and help you improve it.
  • Consistently getting audited to meet the standards of the industry on a regular basis. 


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Baseline Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Help get certified and upgraded to industry standards.”

Baseline helps to get certified and meet industry standards to work more efficiently.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 09, 2020

“Pre-audit features help to fix problems and ensure better performance”

Baseline pre-audit feature helps to fix gaps by analysing the current scenario to compliances and guidelines.
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