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Riskonnect Audit Software
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Riskonnect Audit Software USP

Riskonnect offers a comprehensive risk management solution with a myriad of tools to satisfy all the risk assessment requirements of any firm. It has applications across industries and fields. Riskonnect offers an intuitive and easily accessible dashboard which makes the task of risk assessment significantly easier and more streamlined.

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Riskonnect is a risk management solution for medium and large-sized organizations. It offers software, tools, and management solutions for the reduction of risk and an increase in the efficiency and productivity of organizations. Riskonnect features an intuitive dashboard which is customizable and easy to manoeuvre in. Riskonnect integrates a large number of risk management tools to provide a comprehensive solution across all.

Riskonnect Pricing:

Riskonnect pricing is very heavily dependent on the features and tools required of the software by the user. Hence, Riskonnect pricing is not publicly available. To make enquiries about Riskonnect pricing prospective customers may contact the vendor. Riskonnect pricing for enterprise version is also available on request.

Riskonnect Demo:

Riskonnect offers a demo to all prospective customers. However, the specifications of the demo software are dependent on the requirements of the customer. Hence, a demo version is not freely available. The vendor may be contacted to arrange a demo.

Riskonnect Features:

The following features are offered by Riskonnect

  • The following features are offered by Riskonnect

  • Claims Administration
      • Riskonnect helps users follow the most complex claims problems through its intuitive and innovative tools
      • Routine processes are automated by Riskonnect, which helps users focus only on complicated problems
  • Internal Audit
      • Riskonnect is capable of performing a comprehensive and complete internal audit of the documentation of the firm
      • Al the tools and calculations required for an internal audit are completed swiftly and reported in minute detail
  • Compliance
      • Riskonnect aggregates a number of corporate and legal policies in order to create one centralized source of compliance information
      • This helps save the company significant compliance-related costs and time
  • Enterprise Risk Management
      • Riskonnect provides a comprehensive risk management solution which helps monitor business processes in real-time
      • This helps increase the efficiency of business processes in the organization


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Riskonnect Audit Software
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Riskonnect Audit Software Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Easy To Use”

Risk management could not be easier. The dashboard centred UI of Riskonnect makes risk assessment look extremely easy. Using the software itself does not require any training. Riskonnect pricing is very customizable.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“All In One Risk Management Solution”

The immense number of powerful tools in Riskonnect make the task of risk management simple and very intuitive. Riskonnect would be recommended for any firm that takes risk assessment and management seriously. Riskonnect pricing provides an affordable solution to its users.
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