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Wdesk USP

The main USP of Wdesk audit software is the fact that it is based on the cloud. This allows for seamless collaboration irrespective of location or time zone. Wdesk also has powerful data analysis and interpretation tools that help view your data in an all-new light. Wdesk audit software helps ensure both internal and external compliance and comes with management tools that enable companies to significantly improve workflow and increase their efficiency.

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Wdesk is a compliance software for large organizations. It offers audit and management solutions to companies by connecting data across documents and producing results and recommendations based on the same. Wdesk promotes remote and concurrent working by being cloud-based and significantly improves the productivity and efficiency of workflow.

Wdesk Pricing:

Wdesk pricing is very heavily dependent on the features and tools required of the software by the user. Hence, Wdesk pricing is not publicly available. To make enquiries about Wdesk pricing, prospective customers may contact the vendor. Support team gets back with available pricing option. 

Wdesk Audit Software Demo:

Wdesk audit software offers a demo to all prospective customers. However, the specifications of the demo software are dependent on the requirements of the customer. Hence, a demo version of Wdesk is not freely available. The vendor may be contacted to arrange a demo of Wdesk.

Wdesk Audit Software Features:

The following features are offered to customers by WDesk

  • Data Connectivity
    • Wdesk is capable of reading and relating data from a number of different types of documents, including presentation, spreadsheets and comma-separated values
    • It is also able to relate the data included in different documents and provide context to the results
  • Governance and Compliance
    • Wdesk allows clients to meet mandated governance and compliance guidelines
    • It also helps clients maintain transparency while meeting these guidelines both internally and externally
  • Easy Collaboration
    • Wdesk is based in the cloud and hence allows for easy and effective collaboration irrespective of location
    • This significantly increases the efficiency and productivity of the auditing and compliance process
  • Automation
    • Manual processes of data analysis and interpretation are significantly reduced with Wdesk
    • This helps improve the productivity of processes through workflow


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Wdesk Reviews


James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Easy To Understand”

The management tools provided by Wdesk are among the most important plus points of the software. They make the auditing and compliance process really easy to understand.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Helps Reduce Compliance Costs”

Wdesk is really effective in helping reduce compliance costs. Its results and recommendations help one understand complexities in the workflow and greatly simplify them.
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