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Cyara USP

The Cyara platform provides many self-service as well as automated applications that enable companies to improve and automate their entire workflow. By recording calls during the testing phase, it then mimics real-time customer interaction along with notifying testers about any issues that emerge even before production starts. It further enables outbound call testing, IVR discovery and voice biometrics testing. 

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Cyara is a popular software application that helps brands and organizations deliver delightful customer experiences via automated testing, monitoring and simulates the real-world scenarios and customer interactions across domains like IVR, voice and even multiple digital channels. Over 300 brands across the globe trust their solution to minimize the risk of poor customer experiences on their software tools. 

Cyara Features

Cyara delivers best in class customer experiences and automated testing solutions for brands and business with some of the following features - 

  • Multi-channel data collection 

    • Cyara collects data from multiple different channels. 
    • Fetches data from chatbots, email and SMS alongside voice devices.
    • Web interaction testing and data collection. 

  • Functional testing 

    • Helps to build new capabilities and functionalities. 
    • Allows performing automated, comprehensive IVR testing by the click of a single button. 
    • Its functional tests validate the IVR application across voice callback, speech and IVR. 

  • Load testing 

    • A useful tool to initiate load testing even as newly created functionalities is being staged to get deployed. 
    • Simulates the strain on the contact centre for verifying the system weakness. 
    • Allows the IVR system to perform smoothly and not interfere with the end user’s experience, while also being competitive and sans glitches.

  • Regression testing 

    • Useful in retesting current and existing functionalities. 
    • Allows testing, in case any modification is made to the IVR system.
    • Helps to know that modifications in the IVR system do not negatively impact the other parts of your system. 
    • Helps to analyse the details and performance of the web application via reports. 

Cyara Pricing

Cyara has a robust suite of software products that aid automated testing and improve upon the delivery of customer experience. Cyara pricing plans tend to be customised. Although no information regarding the Cyara pricing structure is available on the Internet, one can consult their experts regarding its usability to receive a customised quotation. 


Cyara does not provide a demo version of its product, and you can contact the representatives to receive a customized Cyara pricing plan offer with relevant modules for your enterprise.  


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May 09, 2020

“Improved our customer experience”

Cyara improved our customer experience 30x, at minimum costs.
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May 09, 2020


It is the all-in-one platform for brands to improve customer experience.
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