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OPTIMA can be deployed in the cloud, Web, and SaaS. Automated testing facilities through advanced algorithms helps in minimising duplicacy and run parallel testings smoothly. Tool can be optimised in an user centric way with great built in features.

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OPTIMA automated testing software is a web-based testing tool that is used for finding the errors that are associated using the faulty logic within the software systems. It is consistently achieving the maximum coverage even when we are using fewer tests. It is totally designed for businesses helping in life sciences, retail, and logistics. It is used for generating scripts for testing the application, and it helps in increasing product performance.

OPTIMA Pricing:

The company does not mention the exact OPTIMA pricing detail. In order to know about the OPTIMA pricing details of the OPTIMA testing tool, you have to contact the service provider. But it involves many aspects, including installation and much more.

OPTIMA Automated Testing Software Demo:

It is the automated testing tool that helps the users to identify the errors which are made by doing some irrelevant coding. The service provider does not provide the trial and demo versions so you have to ask for OPTIMA pricing before moving ahead. In case if you are interested in having a demo, you have to approach the company for gaining some information regarding the demo.

OPTIMA Automated Testing Software Features:

There are plenty of features that are associated with the OPTIMA automated testing software. Here are some of them which are mentioned below:

  •  Helps in minimizing the repetition 
    • It has a unique test case generation algorithm.
    • Algorithms help to avoid the repetitive testing process over the same product. 
  • Easy optimization techniques 
    • This tool is creating automation scripts.
    • Automation scripts help the users to let them feel that they do not require any additional automation experience. 
  • Independent of technology 
    • When you are using this tool, you do not require any form of technology. 
    • There is no additional hidden cost included.
  • Offering increased coverage
    • By using fewer test cases, the tool is able to achieve more coverage. 
    • It is effective and efficient when compared with traditional testing tools


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OPTIMA Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Cost-effective and easy to use”

This tool offers ease of use for those who are installing it for their business purpose. And it is one of the cost-effective tools as well.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 09, 2020

“Excellent automated facilities”

When you are using them, it helps in maintaining the records over the histories. It offers excellent automated facilities.
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