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Mobile Labs
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Mobile Labs USP

It publishes blogs, ebooks and webinars to help customers understand the software. Further, it has the Parallel Testing calculator and Test Automation calculator to help customers understand their requirements better. Request Mobile Labs Pricing to get more information.


Mobile Labs is a leading provider of enterprise-grade automation testing software products that mainly targets agencies and enterprise-level clients. Through its suite of testing and automation products, the software solution powers some of the biggest Global 2000 mobile developers and testers. Mobile Labs helps companies streamline and ease their mobile app testing efforts, at minimum costs. 

Mobile Labs Features

Mobile Labs’ products provide an end-to-end solution for mobile application testing, with multiple top-tier features, some of which include - 

  • Automated Testing 

    • Built-in Appium server enables faster Appium testing and scripting with GigaFox product suite 
    • Improves Appium testing and reliability
    • Runs more Appium-concurrent tests 
    • Makes iOS provisioning faster and easier
    • World-class customer support to help customers get their Appium servers up and running
    • Works seamlessly with DevOps integrations 
    • Simplifies and speeds up Appium testing workflows 
    • Intelligent device selection

  • Manual Testing

    • It removes performance gaps between devices in-hand and in the cloud
    • The GEM device helps test web content, games and video streaming easily
    • Use cut and paste to transfer URLs, account numbers and other details quickly
    • Helps save gesture sequences for later use
    • Real-time access to devices you need 
    • Investigate CPU, memory and network metrics 

  • Development/Debugging 

    • Select from hundreds of devices in real-time
    • Remotely view and control devices in the cloud
    • Repair defects faster  

  • Collaboration 

    • Collaborate and share screens remotely
    • Schedule access beforehand 
    • Try all facets of UI, like multi-touch gestures 
    • Manage and refresh devices  
    • Manage users and applications

Mobile Labs Pricing

Mobile Labs Pricing is a widely discussed question amongst customers. Its ‘Starter Kit’ is in beta, where the hosted version costs $1250/month, while if you have any questions regarding the Mobile Labs pricing plan - ‘On-Premises’, you can book a call. 

You can receive a quotation from the sales team when you go through all the additional options, after which you can decide which particular Mobile Labs pricing plan you wish to go ahead with. 


The product can be demoed with a free trial version which you can confirm after a brief consultation and discussion call with the sales representatives of Mobile Labs who will explain the pros and cons to you effortlessly. 


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Mobile Labs
66 Buyers Negotiating
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Mobile Labs Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 09, 2020

“Power-packed with features”

It is packed with multiple powerful features and excellent customer support.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 09, 2020

“Best testing software”

This is the best testing software, undoubtedly!
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