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Sauce Labs
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Sauce Labs USP

Securely test your apps, website and mobile applications with Sauce Labs. Get the latest of Android and iOS emulators to help you work with a highly scalable and reliable way to automate tests for the development of apps. Test thousands of devices based on real-world scenarios and expedite testing without compromising quality on Sauce Labs software. 

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Sauce Labs offer the world’s largest automated cross-testing solution. It ensures a fast and reliable testing solution for apps. With an array of plugins and extensions available, testing and automation have become more comfortable with Sauce Labs. Run hundreds of tests of browser and operating system without any maintenance hassle. It also provides features to access the software on the cloud as well as android devices.

Sauce Labs Features

Sauce Labs provides a host of features for testing which include the following:

  • Most up-to-date features

    • It offers the best browser and operating system combination to test your apps. 
    • Sauce Labs provides real-time support so that your workflow remains unhindered. 

  • Scalable infrastructure support 

    • Ensures that teams of all sizes are provided with the required support throughout the day without any bottlenecks.
    • Get the best of service delivery with an assured solution by the team of experts. 

  • A single platform of an all-around user experience 

    • Take a move forward from the existing user testing. 
    • Get full functionality over the front end performance as well as the visual performance all integrated with a single platform. 

  • Get enterprise-level security

    • Ensure that your data is safe with enterprise-level safety. 
    • With each test, the Sauce Connect ensures that the VM devices are thoroughly cleaned to protect user data.

Sauce Labs Pricing

Sauce Labs pricing comes in multiple plans which can be chosen as per convenience. The live testing Sauce Labs pricing plan starts at $19/month. For virtual cloud service, the Sauce Labs pricing starts at $149/ month and the real device cloud is available at $399/month. For the price of enterprise plans, you can directly get in touch with the team from the official website.


To avail a free demo of the automated testing software from Sauce Labs, you can sign up for a free trial by visiting the official website. The free trial includes access to the desktop, operating system and mobile devices. 


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Sauce Labs
88 Buyers Negotiating
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Improve work efficiency”

Get real-time improved testing efficiency by viewing test data across platforms and apps.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Get better and faster with software testing.”

Sauce Labs tools provide the best service to help you develop and debug apps.
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