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Sofy USP

With the Sofy testing solution, you can automatically validate every single screen of your mobile app to check for visual quality, performance and accessibility. It helps you record and create multiple scenarios which can be run on hundreds of devices simultaneously. Build, test and modify controls and workflows easily with Sofy. 

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Sofy makes automated testing of websites and mobile applications easy and quick. It enables engineering teams to test real devices based on Android and iOS, using the no-code approach. Improve the testing of mobile apps with automated testing based on devices powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Create high quality and visually appealing apps with the Sofy platform. 

Sofy Features

Get the best of software testing features with Sofy. Some significant features include:

  • Best user experience across devices

    • The software offers high-quality visuals available across all devices. 
    • Sofy validates and checks for user experience across hundreds of UX guidelines to ensure best user satisfaction.

  • Check for performance issues

    • It checks for any issues or bugs in the software.
    • Pinpoints the problems in the app without the need for any external software intervention making the testing easy. 

  • Test option for automatic and manual 

    • You can conduct a test on a device in seconds and understand its efficacy. 
    • Sofy provides the option of automating tests as well as running them manually. 

  • Validation made easy 

    • With Sofy, you can easily improve on software validation and app performance.
    • The software has a BOT service which continuously learns and validates your app to improve its performance.

Sofy Pricing

Before buying Sofy, you can avail a free 14 day trial of the software. Sofy pricing for Soft Live is available for mid-sized firms at the price of $49/ month, which includes a device time of 100 hours a month. The Sofy pricing automates plan is available for $99/ month. It brings in automated testing along with a host of other features. 


You can avail a free trial or know more about the Sofy pricing by registering on the official website. The features of a free trial include mobile testing, access to android devices, interactive mobile testing and no code scenario testing. You can also integrate it with tools like Jira and Github for usage. 


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Sofy Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Makes testing easier with the use of AI & ML.”

The software requires no coding as it combines the usage of advanced technology like AI & ML to test app validation.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Sofy tests your application automatically.”

It tests your application in a jiffy and helps you increase test coverage and adapt to changing its features.
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