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Gauge USP

One of the major USPs of the Gauge automated testing tool is the real-time feature that it possesses, which helps you test the software more efficiently. Also not to forget the live air traffic peculiarity which makes you know about the exact air traffic on the website. 

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One of the highly ranked automated software is this amazing light-weight cross-platform test automation tool called Gauge. The software was developed by Thought Works. The software has this capability to author test cases in the business semantics. It provides you with the best possible web analytics solution that presents real-time data whenever you require it. Also, another best feature in which the software is that it is quite user-friendly and with a convenient user interface.

Gauge Pricing

The pricing majorly provides you with three SMB and enterprise pricing packages. The users can choose according to their requirements looking forward to the details for your business. The Solo Gauge Pricing is for $6 per month, the Small Gauge Pricing is for $12 per month, and the Plus Gauge Pricing is for $49 per month. 

Gauge Demo

You can get the Gauge Demo for free. In the demo phase, you can check for the features of the Gauge software and relate to your requirements. 

Gauge Features

There are lots of features associated with Gauge few are described here:

Provides Real-Time Feature
  •  This fantastic automated testing software Gauge offers you the best real-time features.
  •  The real-time feature helps you in better testing
Air traffic Live 
  •  The next best feature that the software possesses is live air traffic. 
  • With this live air traffic, you can check the number of visitors interacting with the web platform, which will help you monitor traffic very efficiently.
Quick Data Sharing
  • The Gauge software also handles quick data sharing very efficiently. 
  •   With the quick data-sharing model, you can efficiently interact with other devices.
Data Segmentation 
  • Segmentation of data is quite a vital feature which the software holds and delivers it very well. 
  • With this software segregating, the essential information has become secure from the entire data pool. 


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