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TestProject USP

TestProject automated testing software is a robust, free-to-use platform that allows developers to automate their testing processes. The platform stores all tests in the cloud and enables shared access for teams, alongside an automatic update of SDKs and analytics. Running the software doesn't require coding knowledge and reports are generated beautifully.

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TestProject is a free, open-source test automation software service that works effortlessly across web, mobile and APIs, leveraging the power of community. The application connects with several existing collaboration and team management services. Since the software is a cloud-based SaaS, it doesn't require users to download any additional desktop software, making it easy for testers to do their jobs, while also offering a gallery of customisable add-ons. 

TestProject Pricing:

The TestProject pricing plans are relatively simple since the product is fully open-source and doesn't even cost a single dollar. Since the software is community-powered, there is no scope of charging for any TestProject pricing plans. Users may contact support team to get more information regarding the product. 

TestProject Automated Testing Software Demo:

Since the software is free to use, not requiring you to sign up with any type of TestProject pricing plans. The demo is FREE of cost and can be built upon via the creation of add-ons which adds a lot of additional capabilities to this platform and makes it even more robust.  

TestProject Automated Testing Software Features:

TestProject automated testing software offers a bunch of really cool and amazing features, which make test automation effortless. Some of them are - 

  • In-browser recorder 
    • TestProject's in-browser recorder offers in-built capabilities, to allow recording of automated tests. 
    • In-browser mobile screen mirroring can be achieved by connecting a simple USB cable. 
    • Inspect elements and evaluate any elements of your app, set validations and even save elements. 
    • Easily view elements and analyse the structure of mobile app screens.
    • Create, organise and edit tests for your applications and create parameters. 
  • Add-ons
    • Add-ons help extend the functionality of the software to extend recorded and coded tests, powered by open-source.
    • Saves time and resources. 
  • Powerful SDK 
    • Provides a robust SDK to create tests and add-ons via the use of open-source libraries such as Selenium and Appium.
    • No change in test logic.
    • No need to learn new APIs.  
  • Robust analytics 
    • Explore in-depth insights of tests across multiple environments. 
    • View product trends across platforms, browsers and devices. 
    • View error messages, screenshots and execution durations. 


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TestProject Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 09, 2020

“Cloud access”

TestProject allows us to access our tests in the cloud easily.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“The best free software”

TestProject is great software, and it''s also free to use.
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