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Ghostlab USP

Ghostlab is one of the top-performing, highly vetted testing software applications. Ghostlab’s product is used by multiple biggest companies across the globe, such as Shopify, Google, eBay and Envato, among others. They also accept PayPal, Credit cards and Bitcoin for making payments and creation of custom browser setup.

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Ghostlab is a powerful automated testing software solution that allows users to test any website on various browsers and mobile devices, in a simultaneous manner. Its synchronized tool allows testing for website actions like scrolls, clicks and reloads. Ghostlab is a powerful tool that helps speed up testing and development time for web apps, allowing developers to ship faster. 

Ghostlab Features

Ghostlab is a powerful testing application with a set of really awesome features. A few popular features of the tool are - 

  • Synchronized browsing and annotation

    • Allows all connected devices to keep in sync; however, you can interact with them
    • Taking screenshots, annotating them and drag-and-drop bug tracking 

  • CSS Inspection and Javascript Debugging 

    • Inspection of DOM and CSS across devices, edit styles and sync across devices  
    • Enables debugging Javascript on any connected device 

  • Autorefresh and Style Injection 

    • Refresh all browsers whenever modifications are made to local files 
    • For CSS, it makes use of soft reloads to inject new styles 

  • Compiling Sass, Pug, Coffeescript  

    • Compiles Sass and Pug
    • Enables auto-prefixing 
    • Running custom scripts for specialised requirements 

  • A/B Testing 

  • Configure multiple browsers in a single place 
  • Test multiple language versions 
  • Define master devices for presentations 
  • Test form-filling with automagic form-filling capabilities 
  • Remotely inspect CSS problems in a faster manner 
  • Run your own shell/batch scripts if you want 
  • Works across all major browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera Mobile, Firefox Mobile, Android 2.3/above and even Blackberry 
  • Server Rebooting 

Ghostlab Pricing

A lot of people have different queries regarding the Ghostlab pricing structure. For people curious about it, the Ghostlab pricing plan is pretty simple, as it costs a mere $49 per license for two computers. Although if you’re looking for a discount, you can consult their sales team, who will then try to find the best possible Ghostlab pricing option, so you can get it for a cheaper cost. 


The Ghostlab demo version can be used for a free 7-day trial version, helpful for potential customers who would want to make use of their premium product to speed up their development cycles.


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Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Simply amazing.”

Ghostlab makes our remote development process easier.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“A Cost-effective, robust platform.”

Ghostlab is a cost-effective and robust platform allowing us to ship faster.
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