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TestDisk Backup Software is a powerful data recovery software that is open source and licensed under GNU(General Public License). The utility helps in recovering lost data storage partitions and also makes non-booting disks bootable again. It is a powerful utility that helps to deal with uncertain events of failure or data loss and allows us to recover the lost data with ease and accuracy. It also helps in fixing the partition table damaged due to faulty software.

TestDisk Pricing

There is no particular model followed for TestDisk pricing. It is open-source software that is available free to use and allows to make necessary modifications under GNU license terms. It offers full functionality without any exceptions and additional cost. It is a powerful and free data recovery tool. For the best TestDisk pricing plans, contact the vendor.

TestDisk Demo

TestDisk Backup Software offers the utility at free of cost under the GNU license terms. It is available for free for all users. As it does not follow any particular model, the TestDisk pricing strategy makes it more popular and widely reachable.

TestDisk Features

Below mentioned are some of the advanced features of TestDisk:

Supports multiple operating systems: TestDisk supports DOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS operating system. It also supports FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD systems. Works efficiently across the platform with the same functionality and result

Supports multiple partition table types: Supports Apple partition map and GUID partition table. PC/Intel Partition Table, Sun Solaris slice, Xbox fixed partitioning scheme is also supported. It also handles non-partitioned media

Efficient and accurate data recovery: Runs multiple scans to check for the error and compares with the original partition table for any changes. Performs quick scan and produce results that can be further helpful for third-party data recovery

Popular and easy to use: The configuration is simple and easy to use. The intuitive interface helps in learning basic functions rapidly


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TestDisk Reviews


James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Designed to work in a great manner”

It is built extensively to protect the lost data and deliver a standard toolkit
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Buyer Insurance

Apr 28, 2020

“Fast and reliable solution”

Absence of TestDisk pricing makes it more feasible and popular. It offers the best data recovery solution at no cost
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are major features of TestDisk?

The main features of this software are Supports multiple operating systems, Supports multiple partition table types, and Efficient and accurate data recovery.

What are pricing plans for TestDisk?

These details will be updated soon.

Does TestDisk offer free demo?

TestDisk Backup Software offers the utility at free of cost under the GNU license terms. It is available for free for all users.

Who usually implement TestDisk?

These details will be updated soon.

What is main USP of TestDisk?

The main USP of TestDisk is powerful data recovery.

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