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PING Backup Software
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PING Backup Software functions on Linux from Scratch (LFS) and is a popular open-source disk imaging program for backup and restoration of the hard disk. It can be installed in a remote installation server or can even be operated from a CD/ DVD. It is a live Linux ISO which is free to use with limited resources.  

PING Pricing:

PING pricing is available for two editions of the software. One is the community edition which is free with limited resources. Other, is the business editing which comes at a price of €30 per year with dedicated support all across. For the best PING pricing plans, contact the vendor. PING pricing is also affordable, and small businesses can accelerate their growth at scale. 

PING Demo:

There is a free comments version of PING Backup Software which is accessible to all. PING also provides a limited time demo version on its business plan, which automatically gets renewed at the existing price. The PING business demo plan makes all the features open for the users. 

PING Features:

PING primarily functions as a backup and restore utility software. The features are enlisted below.

User interface: Based on Linux from Scratch, which is easily accessible online. Live Linux ISO makes it free, open-source software. Offers a simple user interface with a minimalistic design. 

Backup and restore: Uses Partimage for the backup and restore utility. Services to an MS Network Shared Directory. BIOS data can be back up and restored. 

Partitioning creation: Directly created to a USB or CD/DVD. Bootable partitions are easy to use and portable. 

Auxiliary benefits: Ghostcast servers are not required for receiving images. 
Smaller than WinPE. Format the disk before use to get error-free results.


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PING Backup Software Reviews


Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 28, 2020

“Great for business.”

PING pricing is just the right thing as it is economical for small businesses also. This great utility can be easily made into a partitioned CD/ DVD for repeated use.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Genuine open-source backup software.”

PING has been of great help for the backup process. The Linux ISO does its job well. Recommend this to others too.
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