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Folder Lock Backup Software
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Folder Lock Backup Software USP

Folder Lock Backup Software is a one application solution with locking, hiding, or encrypting files. You can do the same on the go as well with simple drag and drop applications. The fact that you can even manage your passwords and protect your content on external drives is also a plus. It's Pricing itself is a dream for all the features, including backing up of data.

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It is encryption software that provides data security by locking or encrypting files and folders. It is a software that works across all Windows versions and helps encrypt passwords, protect USBs, along with providing secure backup and shred file features. It is the most downloaded file-security software with over 45 million users.

Folder Lock Pricing

Folder Lock Backup Software Pricing is very affordable at $49.95. This includes a full one-time license fee for one user. One license is usable on one PC, and there’s app support for both iPhone and Android that is included. Present its pricing of the application is at $39.95 for the original application after discount.


It provides an unregistered version for download. There is also a trial of the full version available. With affordable pricing, it becomes easier to buy the application in case it appears the right fit for the person.


Folder Lock Backup Software provides some of the most needed features for a file security application.

Lock Folders and Files, and Hide Them Completely: You can now lock folders and files and put password protection on them. You can also hide them completely and have them accessible only via the software.

Encrypt Your Files with Digital Locker(s): Keep your files in a digital locker protected by AES 256-bit encryption. You can encrypt the files on the go by simply copying them to the locker.

Secure Backup - 2-way Encryption and Backup: Your encrypted lockers can be backed up online in a password-protected back-up. In case of theft or data loss, you can get the data restored from the backup easily. 

USB Protection for Pen Drives and External Drives: You can keep the lockers in the external drives and pen drives or other portable devices. The folders become executable files to avoid the need to install Folder Lock unnecessarily. 


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Folder Lock Backup Software
66 Buyers Negotiating
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Folder Lock Backup Software Reviews


Buyer, Power, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Best Security Software I’ve Purchased”

At under 40 bucks, Folder Lock Pricing isn’t justified because the software offers way more than the price suggests.
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Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

Apr 28, 2020

“An Intuitive Way of Protecting Data”

I couldn’t find any fault in the application. The interface is a breeze.
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