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Paragon Hard Disk Manager
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This is a Windows-based backup utility tool through disk imaging. It manages disk and can recover files. The tool operates for both internal and external backup destinations through its lucid interface. It has fast loading speed and comes with a diverse disk management features. 


Paragon Hard Disk Manager™ 17 Advanced, 3 PC license is a one-time buying option at US $78.41. The pricing can be customized as per the requirement of features by the user. Prices are inclusive of taxes.


The demo is available as a trial version which can be further purchased at the end of the trial. The trial version comes with all features ready to use. Users can request a trial version by signing up with details on the official website. 


It has a rich option of disk management features that sit on top of a user-friendly interface. The features are enlisted below. 

  • Backup and recovery options. 
    • Backup of the entire system, specific loads of data, encryption, and compression of data for optimal space usage. 
    • Restore full disk, partitions to new space or in the same system. 
  • Partition Manager
    • Basic partitioning includes the creations, formatting, deletion of disk volumes and system files conversion. 
    • Advanced partitioning includes splitting, merging, compacting disks and file system conversions. 
  • Drive Copy
    • Copying of partitions. 
    • Copying entire disks to new locations through fast speed. 
  • Disk Wiper. 
    • Shell integration and SSD trimming. 
    • Get cleanup reports after analysis. 


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Paragon Hard Disk Manager Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

Apr 28, 2020

“Efficient disk management tool”

It provides a great option bundled in a single package. The disk analyzer and partitioning options are really good.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

Apr 28, 2020

“Faster backup and restore”

It is an affordable pricing bundled with fast disk imaging features are a must. It creates a backup facility from both internal and external disks.
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