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MX is a data platform for banks, credit unions and financial institutions that enables its clients and partners to easily collect, enhance, analyse, present and act on financial data. Using MX software and products, the clients are able to understand their customers in real time that allows the clients to be truly customer-centric which empowers them to grow faster and deliver an exceptional customer experience and reducing costs. MX banking software helps financial institutions and to utilize their data more effectively to outperform the competition in the industry. It puts the user's data on centre stage and changes it into a cohesive, intelligible and interactive visualisation. 

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MX is a company that permits financial institutions to collect, enrich, present and act on data. MX enables all financial institutions with aggregating, enhancing, analysing, presenting and acting on financial data. MX enables banks and credit unions to realize record-breaking growth by winning their competitors most profitable account holders. It engages users deeply with the digital banking products offered by them. MX banking software offers mobile banking platforms across a range of devices and lowers maintenance cost. 

MX Pricing:

MX Pricing details are not provided by the vendor. Interested users can contact the vendor for MX Pricing plans based on the requirements or may visit the website and request a quote for pricing to the support team of MX.

MX Banking Software Demo:

MX provides a demo to the users for exploring the features of the software. Interested users can request for a demo.

MX Banking Software Features:

→Data Aggregation and Cleansing 

  • Allows accessing competitive customer account data.
  • Creates a new approach to financial data aggregation by procuring and 

             acting on user data.

 →Data Enhancement 

  • Provide clarity and understanding for the customers.
  • Provide a better customer experience by increasing revenue and reducing cost.


  • Gains visibility into externally held accounts.
  • Allows users to position against their competitors.

→Personal Financial Management 

  • Helps the customers to make better financial decisions.
  • Provides personalised insights, building financial strengths and increasing 

            your engagement. 

→Instant Account Verification

  • Manages account faster while reducing costs by the micro-deposits process.
  • Protects the account by account owner verification and provides a seamless  

             online banking experience.

→Targeted Marketing 

  • Use transactional data to create customer segments and deploy adaptive  


  • Tracks campaign success all within one easy to use platform.


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MX Reviews


Buyer Insurance

May 15, 2020

“Financial Platform”

Provides financial visuals, the ease of use and the financial information all in one platform.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 15, 2020

“Payment Gateway”

Allows easy payment acceptance and credit card storage to the users making it user friendly. Cheapest pricing software.
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