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AWS systematically approaches the security industry. While in the presence of sub-frameworks around each service, its architecture and security administration are intended to work together. The data in Amazon cloud is encrypted at its storage level, regardless of whether the data is in rest or motion. Additionally, the access management for ensuring the security data is required for simple storage, as well as, sophisticated database services. Request AMAZON Pricing to get more information.


AWS IAM permits users to access AWS services, including database services, such as Amazon Relational Database Service and DynamoDB, which add another level of security over the big data.


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AMAZON Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
AWS provides a scalable cloud computing platform, with high availability and dependability, and tools enabling users to run a wide-ranging application. The company has ensured the protection of worldwide infrastructure, supporting the services offered in the AWS cloud. In addition to securing the global infrastructure, AWS also takes responsibility for securing the configuration of its products that are considered as managed services. The AWS infrastructure is built and managed as per the best security practices and to comply with a variety of security compliance standards. Further, AWS uses an automated monitoring system, providing high levels of service performance. AWS monitoring tools are created to recognize unauthorized activities at communication points. AWS security monitoring tools and helps identify several types of Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, including distributed, flooding, and software/logic attacks. Amazon has significantly accelerated its development activities for AWS, as it moves from primarily servicing SMEs to large enterprises. Amazon’s follows the growth strategy of lowering the prices for its services, along with continuous additions to its product and service offerings. AWS has been inclined toward organic growth strategies for further enhancing its market share and presence. For instance, it acquired in the first quarter, with which, the company launched Amazon Macie, a new security offering, indicating its focus on securing sensitive data.
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