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Cloudera offers a versatile, adaptable, and integrated platform that simplifies the management of the ever-increasing volumes and formats of data. The company offers the Cloudera distribution of Apache Hadoop, the CDH suite, which provides integration and security with multiple hardware and software solutions. CHD includes Cloudera Navigator, an end-to-end data management and security tool that enables administrators and analysts to explore the big data in Hadoop and simplifies the management of encryption keys. Cloudera's unique approach balances big data flexibility needs with the required agility for wider business implementation, thereby enabling innovations. Request CLOUDERA Pricing to get more information.


Cloudera's security solution provides all-inclusive perimeter verification and incorporates role-based access controls that safeguard the agility of various entry points. Cloudera maintains a unique Center for Security Excellence, which is dedicated entirely to enterprise Hadoop security. The Cloudera Center for Security Excellence develops wide-ranging data and cluster-security technologies and also enables seamless integration with key security partners.


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CLOUDERA Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
Cloudera offers solutions that help enterprises drive business transformations in today’s data-driven, connected environment. The company focuses on the development of advanced data management, machine learning, and advanced analytics platform. The company’s widespread collaboration with global organizations is leading to constant innovations in data management technologies. Cloudera provides users secure and cost-effective storage to examine enterprise data, thus empowering them to derive insights while expanding the value of the organizations’ current investments. With the changing big data landscape, large volumes of the generated data are either sensitive in nature or are under the governance control. Therefore, the company’s keen focus is on securing the big data environment. Under inorganic product strategies, the company, in June 2014, acquired Gazzang, a big data security provider. This helped Cloudera in addressing the customer challenges related to the protection of big data within the Hadoop ecosystem. Additionally, continuous dedicated development of security product and solutions is one of the factors ensuring customer loyalty.
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