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Hortonworks helps customers maintain the high levels of protection their enterprise data demands by creating centralized security administration and management into the DNA of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). HDP provides an enterprise-ready data platform with rich competences spanning security, governance, and operations. By executing security at the platform level, Hortonworks ensures that security is consistently administered to any application built on top of the data platform, and makes it easier to build or retire data application without impacting security. To be consistent with its mission to develop, distribute and support 100% open-source Apache Hadoop data platform, Hortonworks immediately incorporated the XA Secure technology into the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), while also converting the commercial solution into an open Apache community project called Apache Ranger.

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Hortonworks features comprehensive security that extends across the five security pillars. With this platform approach, HDP enables IT to meet the requirements of Hadoop security better than any other vendor. HDP supports encrypting network traffic as data into and through the Hadoop cluster over RPC, HTTP, Data Transfer Protocol (DTP) and JDBC. Network traffic over each of these protocols can be encrypted to provide privacy for data movement. HDP also satisfies enterprise requirements for security and compliance through encryption for data at rest. HDP supports the capability to encrypt files stored in Hadoop, including a Ranger-embedded open-source Hadoop key management store (KMS). Ranger offers security administrators with the capability to manage keys and authorization policies for KMS.


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HORTONWORKS Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
Hortonworks’ security solutions have been adopted by several fortune companies to transform their business processes. The company is rapidly building its customer base across all major industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and energy. The solutions offered by the company help business leaders understand and evaluate the essential data security focus areas for accelerating business transformations. Hortonworks has entered into various strategic partnerships and collaborations with key market players to expand its product portfolio and enhance the market reach. For instance, Search Technologies, a technology partner of Hortonworks, is knowledgeable in consulting and delivering big data applications that help organizations make use of their data, uncover real-time insights, and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, the company is aligned with Pivotal Software Inc. to introduce an Open Data Platform (ODP), which enables the collaboration between vendors and end-users of the big data technology.
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