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Voltage SecureData Enterprise is data-centric protection for big data. It protects the world’s largest brands and neutralizes breach impact by securing sensitive data-at-rest, in-use, and in motion. It provides advanced encryption, tokenization, and secure key management that protect sensitive data across enterprise applications, data processing IT, cloud, payments ecosystems, mission-critical transactions, storage, and big data platforms.

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Voltage SecureData with Hyper Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) can encrypt virtually unlimited data types. Hyper FPE technology offers a proven method of protecting data that allows global enterprises to take full benefit of a revolution NIST-recommended encryption technology and delivers best-of-breed capabilities, including:
  • Hyper performance- Offers accelerated encryption for hyper-performance—up to 170 percent faster than previous FPE technology—supporting high-volume needs of next-generation big data, cloud, and IoT scenarios
  • Hyper flexibility- Provides high flexible encryption of virtually unlimited data types, including IDs, VINs, bank accounts, and classified data types that need encryption. Preserves format, relationships, context, meaning, and fit for use in advanced big data and hybrid IT environments and legacy systems.
  • Hyper usability- Enables data scientists, analysts and developers wide access to de-identified data, powering big data, cloud, and IoT initiatives, at the same time uses granular policy management control to limit access to highly sensitive data.
  • NIST, FIPS and Common Criteria- FPE has an official proof of security with the NIST FF1 AES – SP800-38G recommendation and SecureData is the world’s first FIPS and Common Criteria-validated FPE product—delivering a proven method of protecting data.


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HPE Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
HPE provides multiple solutions for the big data security market. It has combined the traditional IT infrastructure with cloud-based infrastructure to deliver customized security analytics services to all types of customers. HPE delivers advanced security analytics solutions with the help of its innovations, partnerships, and acquisitions strategies. It delivers data-centric security and encryption solutions. With more than 80 patents and 50 years of expertise, the company secures leading organizations from breach impact by protecting their data at rest as well in motion. Further, HPE’s partnership with Hitachi has extended its threat security intelligence network to Japan. Similarly, its partnership with NEC Corporation and alliance with FireEye, Inc. have helped HPE innovate advanced threats analytics solutions. HPE believes in organic growth and developing innovative solutions on its own, either by collaboration or R&D. For example, it acquired Aruba Networks to strengthen its security analytics services in the communication field. The company is also focused on its R&D and is gradually increasing its investments, thus driving innovations to identify and meet the future market needs.
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