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Imperva Inc. enables the successful deployment of security solutions that protect critical data and applications over the enterprise cloud or on-premises network. The solutions provided by the company improves the overall accuracy, decrease complexity, increase enterprise performance, and broaden deployment options to the customers. Advanced technologies provided by the company delivers innovative protection against complex, multi-vector data threats and attacks. Imperva SecureSphere solution integrates multi-layer security architecture to enable advanced level protection without any complex infrastructure requirement.

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The company also delivers a SecureSphere security platform that protects enterprise data hosted in Microsoft Azure and enables advanced data protection. Big data security solutions as provided by the company monitors all types of data storage and optimizes data collection from multiple sources. The solution has coverage across critical systems and monitors all databases on Unix, Linux, and Windows systems.


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    Product Variants
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    Security Information And Event Management (Siem)
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    Unified Threat Management (Utm)
IMPERVA Presence in Big Data Security Solutions
The company aims to extend its leadership position in the security market by bringing technological and product innovations in the market. The company regularly invests in a broad range of marketing programs that connect the potential buyers along multiple channels thereby expanding its market position. In addition, the company integrates with leading database, business service management, and SaaS providers to support its cloud-based applications and incident management software solutions. This further help provides customization options to the customers and helps enhance the product offerings of the company. Imperva addresses new data protection mandates and overlapping requirements of different regulations and several other regulatory concerns by providing pre-built assets and automating tasks to improve security and simplify compliance requirements. In addition to these promotional and enhancement strategies, the company also focuses on various organic and inorganic strategies to enhance its market reach. For instance, the company has majorly adopted product launch strategy to bring innovative security platforms that function effectively across multiple applications and database. The company has introduced SecureSphere security platform to protect enterprise data across multiple platforms including cloud and on-premises.
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