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RAPID7 Nexpose
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Rapid7 InsightIDR controls both User and Attacker Behavior Analytics to detect intruder activity, cutting down false positives and days’ worth of work for security professionals. It searches all the top attack vectors behind breaches: the use of stolen credentials, malware, and phishing, and alerts on stealthy intruder behavior as early as possible in the attack chain. Unlike most SIEMs and technologies designed primarily for compliance, InsightIDR extends monitoring to include endpoints, logs, and cloud services, leaving attackers nowhere to hide.

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Features offered as follows-
  • User Behavior Analytics- By continuously baselining healthy user activity in the organization, InsightIDR extends beyond defined indicators of compromise to reliably detect attackers masking as company employees.
  • Attacker Behavior Analytics- Analysts craft new detections to catch attacker behavior based on their findings, and this evolving library comes in InsightIDR.
  • Endpoint Detection and Visibility- With InsightIDR, it's easy to have visibility across the network, including remote workers and cloud services. One can learn about anomalous running processes, risky user behavior, and malicious activity—all in real-time.
  • Centralized Log Management- InsightIDR’s cloud-based architecture connects with internal data sources, reducing the time and effort to set up and maintain the tasks of collecting, updating, and managing data sets.


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RAPID7 Nexpose
76 Buyers Negotiating
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