BioID Web Service

  • Sachseln, Switzerland
  • 2004
  • Below $10 MN
BFSI, Retail and eCommerce, IT and Telecom, Government and Public Sector
Europe, North America
Company Overview
BioID Web Service is designed to provide anonymous recognition and helps in preventing frauds through the detection of fake identities. Moreover, BioID Web Service can be offered as an API service that can be easily integrated into any existing application and provides authentication by using the data kept under the complete control of the service provider. BioID Web Service is a cloud service and is extremely scalable and can be made easily available, making it an attractive option for a wide range of applications.

BioID offers biometrics-as-a-service through the BioID Web Services (BWS). BWS can provide multimodal biometrics authentication to the application developers of any software or service having the internet access.

BIOID Popular Comparisons
Evaluated against 94 key buying criteria
  • Multi-modal ( Multiple Biometric Trait )
  • Accuracy Rate
  • Face
  • Iris
  • Voice
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Support Services
  • Training
  • Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value
  • Product Quality and Reliability
  • Product Features and Functionality
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • Uni-modal ( Single Biometric Trait )
  • Fingerprint
  • Others ( DNA, Ear Lobe, Signature and Other Behavioral)
  • Palm/Vein
  • Other Support Services
  • No Weaknesses
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BIOID Presence in Biometric as a Service
BioID provides cloud biometrics solutions for both public and private clouds with face and voice recognition. The company is primarily focused on developing convenient, strong, privacy-assured face and voice recognition systems that are easily available. For instance, in February 2017, the company successfully launched solutions for eye and voice recognition. Moreover, in December 2015, the company launched a facial recognition app for iPhones and iPads. These launches have helped in delivering enhanced performance using various platforms for user authentication. BioID’s focus is on developing industry-leading authentication solutions. This has helped the company’s technology in being successfully implemented for banks, enterprises, and government organizations. BioID’s inorganic growth strategies are evident from the various collaborations the company has undertaken with leading enterprises. In November 2016, BioID collaborated with A-Trust to expand its marketing position with the implementation of the new EU regulations. Moreover, the company, in February 2017, collaborated with Worldcore for online biometric payments. These strategic collaborations have helped BioID in gaining a leading position in the market and further strengthening its position to provide secure, convenient protection for financial services.
#1 Product Features and Functionality / Modality
#2 Product Differentiation and Impact on Customer Value / Accuracy Rate
#3 Technology Offered / Face
#4 Technology Offered / Iris
#5 Technology Offered / Voice


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