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Edificius USP

Edificius BIM software comes with the biggest USP that it can be used as a one-stop solution for all design needs, both internal and external. It provides a great range of unique tools for exterior landscaping. Its dynamic technology can also really help designers and architects visualize what they really want to create. Request Edificius Pricing to get more information.


Edificius BIM Software is a software, with intensive design tools. Besides being innovative and user-friendly, it is also always in-sync with the latest technologies, to provide a cutting edge experience. Edificius BIM software is used by architects and builders for interior and exterior design needs and has a wide range of style guides and design ideas as well. 

Edificius Pricing

Edificius pricing plans are in line with leading competitors in the BIM Software market. It starts at $325 per year. This includes all the basic features needed for a building project, such as immersive virtual reality, scene photomontages and much more. The Edificius pricing plans are flexible and can be customised to suit individual business needs by adding extra features at a minimal cost. 

Edificius Demo

The software provides a free trial. A demo request can also be made directly to the company. They also provide very good support for installation and usage. Training can be received in person, live online, through webinars, videos, tutorials and documents. But to explore all features, you need to explore Edificius pricing.



Exterior Spaces Design- Software allows users to experiment with different techniques and tools for exterior spaces designing. It also provides a range of innovative graphics and detailed model ideas.

Construction Estimate- It helps predict a reliable construction estimate, by taking factors such as resources, designs and material into account. It also helps with project cost management, by providing detailed strategy reports periodically.

Terrain Modelling- It provides digital terrain modelling and elevation features to create a representation of the ground topography and terrain. This also helps the designers conceptualise how best to make the most of the terrain and what features to use.

CAD Integration- It can also be integrated with CAD software, so as to use their additional tools and features. It can also make use of most CAD software libraries and extensive storage facilities and reports.


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Edificius Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“A great price for a great product“The reduced time in creating reports allowed us to focus more heavily on our core role of coordinating the project and getting to a point where it can be constructed””

Edificius pricing plans are very affordable and can easily work for small businesses like mine too!
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 07, 2020

“Cutting edge and very innovative”

Edificius has always been known as one of the most restlessly innovative players in the BIM market, and has the most innovative tools I have ever worked with
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