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Bimsync USP

Bimsync BIM software efficiently helps construction firms and project owners to make sure that they adhere to the building smart standards. In an industry where there is little to no margin for error, It makes sure that firms understand and do not miss out on any standards, and helps them model their designs accordingly. It also helps reduce this margin of error by providing an organized and systematic collaboration platform, to limit misunderstandings. Request Bimsync Pricing to get more information.


Bimsync BIM Software is designed to provide support for all of the building smart standards. These include IFC, COBie, bSDD, and BCF. Bimsync provides a collaboration platform for all the stakeholders of a particular construction project to come together and connect. Bimsync BIM software also comes with APIs, and can easily be used to gather BIM data from your own software.

Bimsync Pricing

Bimsync pricing plans are in line with leading competitors in the BIM Software market. It starts at $270 per month and includes all the basic features. These plans can be further customized, to include more sophisticated features, for an additional minimal cost. The Bimsync pricing plans are also very scalable and can be integrated with a range of business sizes. 

Bimsync Demo

This software provides a free 14-day trial, after which the Bimsync pricing plans come into play. Bimsync demo request can also be made directly to the company. Extensive technical support is provided for installation and usage. It also offers very good training facilities, which can be in person, live online, through tutorials, or through documentation such as ebooks.


Project Management - Bimsync BIM Software allows for organized and efficient project management through the budget, resource, and portfolio management. It also includes agile methodologies.

Collaboration - It enhances collaboration by bringing all the stakeholders of a project to a common platform and enabling easy communication and sharing. It also provides idea management features, to keep easy track of inputs.

Milestone Tracking - It provides calendar management features, as well as a Kanban board. It also has cost-to-completion tracking features, for better milestone tracking and progress.

Available in several formats - It is available for Cloud, iPhone, iPad, and Android. It also includes a client portal, to keep easy track of changing client expectations.


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Bimsync Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 07, 2020

“Excellent user interface”

Bimsync’s UI is fantastic and it is so easy to install and use!
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Very competitively priced”

Bimsync pricing plans are some of the most reasonable in the market, for the number of services and features it offers!
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