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dRofus USP

dRofus BIM software comes with the biggest USP that connects all the stakeholders involved in a building project on one integrated platform. This makes communication and collaboration much easier, and greatly reduces the margin of error. This also ensures that the timeframe of each project is reduced by a lot, due to more efficient workflows. Request dRofus Pricing to get more information.


dRofus BIM Software is a collaboration, planning, and data management tool that provides support to all the stakeholders of a particular building project. Through extensive workflow management and support, it simplifies the building project lifecycle. dRofus BIM software also provides access to a vast range of building information.

dRofus Pricing

dRofus pricing plans are in line with leading competitors in the BIM Software market. It starts at approximately $163 per month, and is very suitable for small to medium-size businesses as well, as their lowest package still includes all the features necessary. It can also be scaled up to cater to global organizations, with added features. 

dRofus Demo

Although a free trial is not provided, a demo can be directly requested from the company. This will help users better understand the various tools and features that software provides, and how to use them. This will also help users decide which dRofus pricing plan is best suited for them. Training material is also provided, through videos, live online, and documents.


Data-Centric Approach To BIM- Create, plan, and manage building data inputs from all stakeholders and project team members. Access information across domains, disciplines, and models, including data outside of the BIM platform.

Design and Integration- It provides advanced plug-ins to Revit and ArchiCAD for workflow management and support. Users can also integrate program data and design for the validation of building requirements and models.

Exports and PDF Reports- It has several PDF reports and built-in Excel exports. dRofus also provides XF Designer, to help create in-depth and customized reports.

Very Accessible and Highly Secure- It uses a central server to store data, enabling users to access it anything, from anywhere. Access rights for users as well as a number of permissions are controlled, in order to enhance data security.


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dRofus Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 07, 2020

“A one-stop solution for all design needs”

dRofus is a one-stop solution for all my design needs and has really helped organise my business much better.
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Good price and flexible plans”

They worked with me in order to figure out which dRofus pricing plan was best for me and my business requirements, and were very helpful!
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