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IrisVR BIM software comes with a creative platform that encourages designers and engineers to build hi-tech 3D models of the building. The software has various in-built templates that are easily customizable as per the need of the user. With the use of state of the art devices, the designing experience is enhanced. IrisVR pricing also plays a major role in the popularity of the software. Request IrisVR Pricing to get more information.


IrisVR BIM Software is a phenomenal revolution in the world of Structural designing and computing. With the use of VR, it brings no-objectionable features with its software. The integrated development environment of the software is easy to use. IrisVR BIM software uses the latest technology for designing various structure models using VR.  

IrisVR Pricing

The IrisVR pricing is in line with leading competitors in the BIM Software market. It is $50 per month for business usage. Various other plans are also offered by the company for individual uses. The IrisVR pricing range is decent and affordable as it includes various attractive features such as VR mapping, 3D file conversion, designing, etc.  

IrisVR Demo

IrisVR demo versions come in various trial period offers. One can easily test the features and specialties of the software via these demos. All the IrisVR demo plans contain suitable themes such as 3D file sharing, BIM integration with VR, etc.


Easy to use VR technology - The software comes with various devices to operate and design comfortably using VR technology. All the features and guidelines listed with the software are easy to follow. 

Facilitates 3D file sharing - The versatile software enables the user to share 3D models via easy formats. Designs can be shred quickly with simple 3D formats.

Lightning Quick optimization - The optimizations features enable the user to perform multiple changes. Various automated features aid in promoting fast editing.
Smooth functioning- All the high-tech features in coordination with the latest devices guarantees to provide excellent results. It provides additional templates that help in the fast building of models.


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“I am looking for a Building Design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software in north America. My budget is $50,000. Looking to buy in 15 days.”
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IrisVR Reviews


James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Affordable pricing policies”

The pricing policy aids many people in using this latest technology at different levels.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 07, 2020

“Provides world-class designing experience”

The inclusion of VR in the designing has taken it to the next level
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Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Facilitates quick file sharing”

The software converts the designs into shareable 3D files. These flexible 3D file formats are easy to share.
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