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Revit LT
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Revit LT USP

Revit BIM software has the biggest USP that is its excellent documentation and reporting features, which allows you to keep track of every change and adjustment made to your designs. Revit BIM software helps provide a holistic picture of models. It also ensures that all the finer details of designing are taken care of easily. Request Revit LT Pricing to get more information.


Revit BIM software helps designers and architects plan, design, and conceptualize high-quality 3D models and plans. It is one of the more streamlined BIM Software and is more efficient and cost-effective as a result. It has very good documentation and representation features, which make models much easier to visualize. 

Revit LT Pricing

Revit LT pricing plans start from $450 a year and include features that are suitable for a wide array of design work. As such the plans are flexible and can accommodate the needs of small start-ups as well as multinational corporations. Additional features can also be included in a certain Revit LT pricing plans at a minimal cost. 

Revit LT Demo

The software provides a free trial, as well as extensive support in installing and integrating the software with existing software and business models. It can also be integrated into a number of systems and is easily customized. This will help users decide which pricing plan is best for them.



3D Design and Visualisation- Software helps designers and architects design and visualize complex and detailed 3D models and plans. Perspective and orthographic 3D views are supported, as well as flexible backgrounds, camera positions, and view properties.

Single Coordinated Database- It stores all of your work on a single coordinated database, which is automatically updated periodically. All changes, new versions, and adjustments reflect instantly to make sure that your work is always up to date

High-Quality Documentation- It lets you create, refine, and annotate documentation in order to share your designs across teams. It allows you to include color schemes, views, construction documents, solar studies, walkthroughs, and more features.

File Exchange- Software allows easy file and document exchanges through Revit Files to all project team members. Files can also be stored on the cloud, for easier access and better coordination.


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Revit LT
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Revit LT Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Good pricing”

Revit Software has some very good packages, which make it affordable for every business size.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 07, 2020

“Interesting features and easy to coordinate”

Software has a host of very unique collaboration features, which makes it much easier to coordinate with project team members and across departments.
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