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Board Business Intelligence Software
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Board Business Intelligence Software combines the capabilities of advanced BI and CPM (Corporate Performance Management) into a single platform. It also serves to provide a programming-free platform for the end-users. It is known to offer a seamless solution for the control, support, and management of a series of core processes including financial consolidation, analyses & reporting, profitability modeling & optimization, planning, budgeting, & forecasting, auditing & monitoring, and so more. 

Board serves to be a fully-featured BI (Business Intelligence) system for delivering convenience to enterprise-grade and mid-sized companies in multiple industry verticals.

Board Pricing

Board Business Intelligence Software is known to not release the pricing information publicly. You can get relevant information about Board Pricing by visiting their official website and reaching out to the customer care team.

Board Demo

The software providers allow you to access the free demo available on the website. This will help you to test the unique features of the software while analyzing whether or not you should go ahead with the same. Board Pricing also needs to be explored while taking the decision.


Some of the salient software features that business organizations can look forward to leveraging are:

Schedules & Calendar: Adding events with time, date, date ranges, or even all-day events. Attaching individuals to meetings or events while notifying them about the events when added. Archiving past events or meetings for future references.

Documents & Folders: Creating unlimited folders for keeping tasks organized. Setting permissions for those who can access specific files & folders. Dragging & dropping documents to the respective folders for improved organization. Organizing files with the help of tags

Task Management: Organizing to-do lists. Getting task reminders upon assigning. Assigning tasks to different people. Setting due dates & date ranges. Adding notes, details, or file attachments

Discussion: Ensuring proposals, post-announcements, ideas, for everyone to see them. Comments getting delivered to the mailbox. Replying to comments from the mailbox. Adding images and texts to the messages 


  • +8
    Ad Hoc Reports
  • +9
  • +10
    Key Performance Indicators
  • +11
    Performance Metrics
  • +12
    Predictive Analytics
  • +13
    Profitability Analysis
  • +5
  • +6
    Strategic Planning
  • +7
    Trend / Problem Indicators
  • +8
    Visual Analytics
  • +7
    On-Site Support
  • +6
    Remote Support
  • +13
    Customer Support Service
  • +14
    Training and Development
  • +9
  • +10
  • +8
  • +14
    Publishing / Sharing
  • +14
    Contextual Search
  • +5
    Data Matching
  • -7
    Self Service Data Preparation
  • -6
    Sensitive Data Identification
  • -5
    Support and Maintenance
  • -8
    Ad Hoc Query
  • -11
    Application Development
  • -10
  • -9
    Data Source Integrations
  • -11
    Data Visualizations
  • -9
    Interactive Reports
  • -12
    KPI Monitoring
  • -12
    Mobile Reporting
  • -10
    Streaming Analytics
  • -13
  • -11
  • -12
    Others, please specify

Board Business Intelligence Software Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Ease of Implementation”

The software is quite easy to use and implement in any business structure.
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Buyer Insurance

Apr 28, 2020

“Ease of Use”

The interactive dashboard of the software delivers great ease of use –especially when you are in a hurry to get tasks done and deliver the same. Affordable Board Pricing makes it more accessible
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