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Celonis USP

Apart from its affordable pricing, the USP of Celonis business intelligence software lies in its wide use capabilities as well as the fact that it has cross-platform support. It offers fast calculation capabilities as well as detailed data analysis and visualization abilities. The software also allows for collaboration by multiple users on the same project. Request Celonis Pricing to get more information.


Celonis business intelligence software is a cloud-based business intelligence suite for large businesses and organizations. Through its intuitive design and swift data mining and visualization capabilities, it allows organizations to undertake transformations and changes efficiently. Organizational processes that this suite might specifically benefit include robotic process automation, ERP migration, process transformation, and documentation.

Celonis Pricing

Celonis offers two primary editions Celonis Enterprise and Celonis for Consulting. The Celonis pricing can be obtained directly from the vendor and is not available publicly. The Celonis pricing is based on the requirements of the customer, and the vendor may be contacted for the same.

Celonis Demo

It offers two free versions. The first free version is called Snap and has limited capabilities for individual or trial users. The user needs to sign up for this. The second free version is the academic version, which offers wider capabilities for academic institutions.

Celonis Business Intelligence Software Features-

  • Detailed Approach- It offers a macro view of data but is also capable of a detailed analysis. Details such as actors, cases, and documents are al carefully analyzed
  • Intuitive UI- The simple dashboard allows easy accessibility to all important options. The UI is designed to be used by people of all lengths of experience
  • Support Across Platforms- The software has support across all web platforms. It has a rigid cloud-based infrastructure
  • Easy Calculation and Demonstration- Key performance indicators can be easily calculated and demonstrated. Fast calculation capabilities allow users to evaluate actions quickly


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Buyer, Power, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Data Enrichment At Its Best”

Celonis allows you to enrich process data with business data, which further allows for greater optimization of business processes. Could lead to immense money savings for organizations if used well.
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Buyer, Energy and Utilities, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Perfect for Large Organizations and Consulting Firms”

Celonis comes closest to being a perfect process mining solution for large consulting organizations. Process optimization is probably its greatest USP.
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Buyer, Oil and Gas, Enterprise

Apr 28, 2020

“Simple and Beautiful”

The beauty of Celonis lies in its intuitive UI, which it takes no time to get used to. The platform itself is easy to use and gets your work done in almost no time.
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68 buyers negotiating “Group Buying Deal” for Celonis
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