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Inno business intelligence software is an integrated app that includes data management, analysis tools with project management capabilities. Developed by Innovare – the social innovation partners, specifically catering to the education leaders, its an analytics tool that helps make an impact on the communities. With its unique features, Inno makes imparting education and staying on track, extremely easy.

Inno Pricing

Inno aims to empower education leaders and make a social impact. This is why Inno Pricing is based on a license model that can be obtained by the educational institutions. The organization offers a license on an institution basis, and the Inno Pricing details can be obtained by directly contacting them.

Inno Demo

The team at Innovare – Social Innovation Partners, are keen to demo their products to interested organizations. The demo can be directly booked from the website. They also upload small clippings of the demo on their social media profiles.

Inno Business Intelligence Software Features-

  • Data Organization- Quick and seamless integration with any existing student information systems. The one-stop destination for all data being captured in different educational software.
  • Data Visualization- Rolling up or drilling down of data is simple and intuitive, giving a comprehensive view. Easy to identify the forward path and measure the impact with creative and elegant visualizations of data.
  • Breaking Down tasks into actionable items- Planning becomes super easy when bigger tasks are broken down into small measurable steps. Prepare a strategic roadmap for each initiative and allocate resources.
  • Managing Projects with Dashboard- Keep track of each initiative, be it for the students or the team with simple yet comprehensive dashboards. Effortless monitoring of each area of interest with timely interventions wherever required.


  • +8
    Ad Hoc Reports
  • +9
  • +10
    Key Performance Indicators
  • +11
    Performance Metrics
  • +12
    Predictive Analytics
  • +7
    Trend / Problem Indicators
  • +8
    Visual Analytics
  • +13
    Customer Support Service
  • +13
    Profitability Analysis
  • +14
    Publishing / Sharing
  • +5
  • +6
    Strategic Planning
  • +7
    On-Site Support
  • +6
    Remote Support
  • +14
    Contextual Search
  • +5
    Data Matching
  • +7
    Self Service Data Preparation
  • +6
    Sensitive Data Identification
  • +5
    Support and Maintenance
  • +14
    Training and Development
  • -8
    Ad Hoc Query
  • -11
    Application Development
  • -10
  • -9
    Data Source Integrations
  • -11
    Data Visualizations
  • -9
    Interactive Reports
  • -12
    KPI Monitoring
  • -12
    Mobile Reporting

Inno Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“A big help”

While we were looking for a data visualization tool for our school IS, we got a complete package with Project Management capability. It has been a big help in our day to day work.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 28, 2020

“Easy to Understand”

The user interface of Inno is easy to understand making the learning curve very easy.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 28, 2020

“Super easy access”

The access is easy with a user-friendly interface.
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