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Power BI USP

One of the most striking features of the advanced Power BI software solution for businesses is the ease of on-premises reporting with the help of the unique Report Server. Using the same, the users can create, design, deploy, and take care of mobile as well as paginated reports on the given premises with a series of ready-to-use services & tools provided with Power BI Pricing subscription. Request Power BI Pricing to get more information.


Microsoft's Power BI business intelligence software is available as a collection of software solutions that deliver business analytics solutions for visualizing organizational data and sharing insights across the organization. The software can also be embedded right into the company’s website for improved results. The data, using this software, can be made available as an Excel spreadsheet or even as a collection of on-premises or cloud-based hybrid data warehouses. The innovative Power BI business intelligence software allows us to easily connect the respective data sources while visualizing and reporting what is important.

Power BI Pricing

Power BI pricing is available for organizations of all sizes and scales. Whether you need self-service Business Intelligence or some form of advanced analytics for your business, there is a pricing structure for every organization. The Pricing for Pro version is available $9.99 every month. At the same time, the advanced version that is pricing for the Premium version starts from around $49995 for every month.

Power BI Demo

The official website of Microsoft delivers the ease of trying out the demo online. As such, you can test the respective functionalities of the software solution to understand whether or not it is going to be beneficial for your organization.


Some of the high-end features of this advanced Business Intelligence software to look out for are:

Creation of Business-centric data- Connection to relevant data. Exploration of with interactive visualizations

Collaboration & Sharing- Publishing reports, Using the interactive dashboard, Collaborating with the respective teams, Sharing insights –both inside as well as outside the organization

Accessing Insights from Anywhere- Taking  relevant action with seamless access to vital information. Sharing insights from the desk to other departments of the organization.


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Power BI
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Power BI Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Amazing Interactivity”

The software has provided our organization with the capability to manage day-to-day operations seamlessly with the help of its interactive dashboard.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Great Visualization”

Power BI provides a great visualization of the entire business processes while automating the reporting tasks as well.
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