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Pyramid Business Intelligence Software is a comprehensive platform for enterprise analytics. Importantly, Pyramid lets you utilize your existing sources and technology for data analysis conveniently. You can share crucial business attributes across your organization, building models using Machine Learning. It provides you with tremendous control, and scale. You can easily present your analysis and diagnose business issues using Pyramid, bearing quite an affordable Pyramid Pricing.

Pyramid Pricing

Pyramid Pricing would be based on the monthly subscription plan you choose for your organization. Apart from a free trial for a limited duration, you can opt for a Standard Plan for $10 per user per month and an Enterprise Plan for $25 per user per month. You can get it deployed on devices, servers, or cloud, as per your preferences.

Pyramid Demo

You can opt for a free demo by contacting the sales department through various modes of communication. During this Free Demo, you would get a glimpse of Pyramid Business Intelligence Software features and its suitability for your purposes and technical skills.


Here are some features that bring drastic positive change to the process of business intelligence:

Truly Universal Functioning- Pyramid gives you greater functionality irrespective of your location and device. You can attain all-round functioning as Pyramid can be deployed on almost any device.

Liberty for Modeling Almost Anywhere-
You can achieve faster results as you can process the data with the utmost flexibility. As it can be deployed on a variety of devices, you can monitor the overall progress from anywhere.

Efficient Data Collection-
Pyramid provides you with phenomenal data collectors for instant analysis. It also ensures efficient data discovery for precise in-time updates.

Effective use of available resources- Pyramid lets you use the existing set-up for business intelligence. It can be deployed locally on a server or cloud-based platform.


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Pyramid Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Perfect Analytics Tool for trained users”

Pyramid allows us to drag the desired data from different databases. We can use crucial business insights cleverly to design the strategies for the future. Yet, people need to be trained for using Pyramid flawlessly.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“A useful tool for any large data-driven organization”

Pyramid help us in interpreting a variety of facts and figures in time. This is an aidful partner to draw and alter decisions to cope up with desired productivity and profitability.
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