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QlikView USP

QlikView business intelligent software helps users understand analytics and databases. The software is flexible and enables easy conversion of data into information. It connects to databases to provide a more detailed report of the business through data visualization and business insight. Request QlikView Pricing to get more information.


QlikView business intelligence software is one of the best flexible business intelligence(BI) software for users to create a platform that focuses on analytics and statistics. It connects to databases to provide a more detailed report of the business through data visualization and business insight. It can be used in various industries, including marketing, finance, logistics, etc. 

QlikView Pricing

The monthly subscription for the QlikView pricing plan comes in various modules. The average QlikView pricing for a single user can cost $1,350 to $1,500. It has two different editions to choose from, and you need to visit the website and fill-up your credentials for further QlikView pricing details. 

QlikView Demo

QlikView has both a free version and a trial version, which can be used up to 30 days. However, you have to visit the website and fill up your details to start using the software. The trial version also includes all the necessary features like the paid version.

QlikView Business Intelligence Software Features

  • Smart- The software uses artificial intelligence technology to gather information and collection of data. It provides an unrestricted analysis of all the data, which are accurate and time-saving.
  • Search deep- Gain business insight through direct and indirect searches through all the data available in the application. All the scattered data are merged into a single platform for a better understanding by the user.
  • Technology- QlikView uses next-generation memory architecture that eliminates complexity and problems associated with your data. All the data are available in an instant with the search option with real-time analysis.
  • Advanced- QlikView is a BI data discovery software for creating guided analytics and dashboards for business challenges. It helps users to create and deploy analytic apps without any developed professional skills.


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QlikView Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 28, 2020


QlikView can help to facilitate collaborative work amongst the business team and easily transfer and share data with all the members of the organization. It is a highly efficient tool.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 28, 2020


QlikView can easily connect to any source of data, including Cloud and On-premises. It can also gather information from different services.
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Buyer, Telecom Infrastructure, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Fast and accurate”

QlikView is fast in gathering information and data that are accurate and helps to manipulate data within the application.
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