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Stratum business intelligence software is a robust intelligence solution, which was designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturing and distribution companies. It offers a full site of integrated analytic applications and several options for distributing operations. The solution extracts data from multiple locations and compiles it at one central place.

Stratum Pricing:

Stratum pricing is based on quotes. User needs to request for the features they want in the software. Customer support team provides quote according to the plans chosen. User can ask for a free trial which can be converted to a paid plan. 

Stratum Demo:

A free demo of the software is available for the clients to access. One can avail the same either on YouTube or from websites providing demo services of the software, but make sure that you select a plan and pay for it on the official website only, to avoid any type of fraud.

Stratum Business Intelligence Software Features:

  • This particular software eases the work of users in a lot of ways, some of them are listed below:-

    • Reporting from one place

      • It allows the users to put all the data in one place.
      • It also allows the clients to collect data from all the sources and show them in one place.

    • Deliver info the masses

      • This particular software allows users to deliver information to the masses.
      • All the data reported to the system is responsible for delivering the information to the masses.

    • Profitability Analysis 

      • It helps the users to get all the data of profitability by analyzing it.
      • The Profitability analysis feature of the software makes it easy to differentiate between the data and its analysis. 

    • Employee Management

      • It also allows the users to maintain their employee information too.
      • It makes the task of employee management ease.


  • +8
    Ad Hoc Reports
  • +9
  • +10
    Key Performance Indicators
  • +11
    Performance Metrics
  • +12
    Predictive Analytics
  • +13
    Profitability Analysis
  • +7
    Trend / Problem Indicators
  • +7
    On-Site Support
  • +6
    Remote Support
  • +9
    Data Source Integrations
  • +9
  • +12
    Others, please specify
  • +14
    Publishing / Sharing
  • +5
  • +6
    Strategic Planning
  • +8
    Visual Analytics
  • +14
    Contextual Search
  • +5
    Data Matching
  • +7
    Self Service Data Preparation
  • +6
    Sensitive Data Identification
  • -13
    Customer Support Service
  • -5
    Support and Maintenance
  • -14
    Training and Development
  • -8
    Ad Hoc Query
  • -11
    Application Development
  • -10
  • -11
    Data Visualizations
  • -9
    Interactive Reports
  • -12
    KPI Monitoring
  • -12
    Mobile Reporting
  • -10
    Streaming Analytics
  • -13

Stratum Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Great Data Analysis Tool”

Use this for supply chain analysis as it offers a great experience. It is effortless to merge data and get data modelling done. An awesome tool that is totally worth the price.
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James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Highly Flexible software”

It is one of the best flexible software to use. Lots of data can be gained by importing data from various applications into stratum.
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