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Appian USP

Appian stands out to be one of the best software as it provides multiple features. Clients can collaborate with the team working in the field and monitor every detail. Appian allows users to build custom apps easily. It also provides an option of work and data management so it becomes easy for you to monitor your business operations. 

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Appian is a low code development software specially designed for all kinds of businesses. It allows users to create business process Management (BPM) applications. Appian helps the users to automate complex processes and to create custom apps. Clients, through this software, can easily connect with their team members working in the fields and help in the collection of data with detailed reporting.

Appian Pricing

Various Appian pricing models are available for users. The Enterprise edition comes with a price of $180 per month per user. The Appian pricing for Application edition is available at a range of $90 per month per user. Both the Appian pricing editions come with features like business monitoring, collaboration, analytics, API/SDK, Administration and many more. 

Appian Demo

Appian doesn't have a free version but offers a free trial for the users to download. However, users need to visit their official website and sign in by filling all the necessary details to use the software. Appian is a cloud-based software and is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Appian Features

Here are some of the features of Appian software

  • Workflow
    • Appian is a business management software that helps to connect with the team and monitor data 
    • It analyzes data for interactive reports and helps in data management
  • Connectivity
    • Apian is available in a cloud-based and also on-premises options, so you don't lose any information on the go
    • The software provides in-built connectors for integration with other applications without any need of a code
  • Simple UI
    • The  user-friendly interface of the tool is smooth and comes with real-time monitoring
    • Helps to design and execute complex processes into simpler forms
  • Intelligent 
    • The software uses intelligent technology to work smarter 
    • Automate difficult tasks and integrate systems without API's



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Appian Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 09, 2020


Manage all your files and data on the go, quickly create apps and design models, manage your business, analyze and have dynamic reporting seamlessly.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“Work together”

Team collaboration made easy. I can connect to all the members working on the field to collect resources and data, and have discussions about the task every day from anywhere.
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