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AppSheet is a powerful and agile no-code application development platform that helps in creating and deploying multi-platform apps on a real-time basis. It enables the creation of mobile, tablet, and web applications using different data sources and database platforms. It has robust feature sets that enable actionable insights. It also helps in project administration, field scrutiny, and customized narration. 

AppSheet Features

Some of the advanced features of AppSheet are:

  • Data collection and management
    • Captures all sorts of data like images, signatures, barcodes, and locations
    • Adapts to process and improves the data quality
    • Streamlines the processes and saves time while boosts working efficiency 
  • Imperative data synchronization
    • Runs in offline mode and synchronize the data on connecting to the internet
    • AppSheet apps sync automatically to data sources and databases
    • Collects data from any device and syncs to the original data source quickly with ease
  • Feature-packed 
    • Quickly scans barcodes, QR codes, and NFC 
    • Enables text extraction through OCR
    • Captures users coordinates and GPS information
    • Allows to collaborate across the platform
  • Seamless productivity 
    • The web-based app makes it easily accessible and scalable
    • Extends the application capabilities through third-party integrations
    • Provides enterprise-class security and fulfils compliance requirements

AppSheet Pricing

AppSheet pricing is based on the number of users and the nature of business. AppSheet pricing plans are flexible and charge per licensed user. It starts from $5 per user/license per month and goes up to $10 per user/license per month. It also offers personalized plans as per the requirements.

AppSheet Demo

AppSheet offers the demo or free trial for free to all the users. However, the trial version limits the functionality and can be unlocked by further exploring the different AppSheet pricing plans. AppSheet connects through varied cloud storage providers and helps you start quickly. 


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AppSheet Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 09, 2020

“Boosts efficiency”

Allows to easily create applications that automatically capture the location data and displays on a real-time basis. Enables proximity, geofencing, and supports indoor as well as outdoor maps also.
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James Smith

May 09, 2020

“The power of machine learning at the fingertip”

It allows us to search intelligently and allows us to interact with the data quickly. It enables trend predictions, content classifications, sentiment analysis, and optical character recognition.
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