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Synergy USP

Synergy is a single platform that offers design, control, association, and accounting tools, all that meets the basic needs of an AEC industry. Synergy gives enhanced clarity and adds a better management process to increase supply capacity. It is a reliable tool with regular Microsoft technology upgrades to deliver multi-layer projects in a short time. Synergy comes with useful security features at multiple levels.

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Synergy is a cloud-based software that works for business processes on a web-enabled device. They offer precise solutions for design and daily task management. The software is well-planned and built for the architects, engineers, and construction (AEC) industry. More than 16,000 design executives use Synergy to fulfil their tasks daily. The tool only requires an active internet connection and a web browser.

Synergy Features

It offers exceptional features to manage business processes for engineers and architects:  

  • A pivotal platform of data management
    • Easy storage of data
    • Simple and practical design structure
    • Up-to-date version for error-free process
  • Enables precise organization skills
    • It offers a complex and customizable report for users
    • Benefits business and task decisions
  • Efficient task control
    • Complex work breakdown process to yield faster results
    • Workable on laptops, smartphones, and tablets
    • Round the clock project tracker
  • Quick and effective planning with high-grade security
    • A complex chart to predict revenue beforehand
    • Robust tools to plan resource needs
    • Dynamic systems to give better project delivery
    • Added security at each level to keep a check on data

Synergy Pricing

Synergy Pricing offers two plans for architects and engineers. It costs $10 per user/ month for a professional plan. Synergy pricing goes up to $20 per user/ month for a business package. However, the more advanced plan costs $40 per user/ month for an enterprise package. It offers more features and is easily customizable as per the user needs.

Synergy Demo

Synergy tool grants a 30-day free trial phase for professional and business packages. However, synergy pricing for an enterprise plan does not come free. You don’t need a credit card to access the free trial. Plus, you can check most of the features in the trial phase.


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Synergy Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 09, 2020

“Precise tool and excellent support”

Synergy is precise in profit prediction and risk factors. The tool has helped forecast project costs. It also identifies the leak factors to save the project from running overtime. Plus, they have very responsive support.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 09, 2020

“Easy access and complex trackable system”

Synergy is a cloud-based software that offers easy access to its users. It lets administrators and task managers monitor project status within minutes.
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