Car Rental Software helps car leasing businesses with a variety of tools and functionalities which enables them to efficiently run their car renting processes, handle employees, and enhance customer conversations. Office administrators and sales representatives can best car rental software to keep a track of rental car inventories, help renters, and also manage back-office activities. Car Rental Software features typically include car records, historical vehicle data, customer details, payment details, GPS tracking, and accounting. These solutions may also help users in finding and communicating with garages and vehicle repair shops where they can fix their damaged rental cars, as well as car sellers for the buying of rental vehicles.

Best Car Rental Software in 2021

  1. RentWorks
  3. Car Rental Solutions
  4. Easy Rent Pro
  5. Ecalypse
  6. ScheduleBull
  7. AFG Rent a Car
  8. Apptha Anybooking
  9. ASAP Rent
  10. BMS

RentWorks - RentWorks is comprehensive software solution developed by Bluebird specifically for Car Rental businesses. RentWorks helps businesses in operating more effectually and proficiently from end-to-end.  It is loaded with features that include a single screen rental process, booking sales, fleet operation, rate supervision and accounting interfaces, with the prevalent QuickBooks package….Read more

TSD Rental - TSD RENTAL is a car rental management software that helps users with front end counter management, reporting management and simplifies other critical tasks involved in managing the car rental business. The company also creates and sells fleet movement solutions for franchises, automotive companies, and car rental companies across the globe….Read more

Car Rental Solutions - Car Rental Solutions create and sell customized websites, online integrated reservations, and management systems for autonomous car rental companies. By providing a highly-flexible car booking system and software, the company helps users to get precise quotes, check for car availability, and also make online reservations from the website, with just a few clicks. The software is user-friendly, quick and is aligned to the precise requirements for autonomous car and van rental agencies at reasonable prices. As needs vary, rental agencies get constant support, enhancements, and upgrades….Read more

Easy Rent Pro - EasyRentPro is a leading multilingual car rental software that provides improved features that help users in managing all kinds of vehicle rental businesses. This software can also help in managing single or multi-location vehicle rental company which have an unlimited number of vehicles.  It come equipped with important features and functionalities like fleet utilization, instant look-up, online payment, QuickBooks Incorporation and flexible payment management….Read more

Ecalypse – The company has created a vehicle handover solution that helps users in taking before and after photos of the state of the car, and take fuel details or mileage. The app allows all the involved individuals to access these details which also helps in bringing more transparency and faith in the sharing process and removes the strain and arguments over who did what. It also offers a key-less vehicle handover solution in which a key can be substituted by a phone. This simplifies the process of sharing vehicles and makes it even more suitable for car users since they are not required to meet in real….Read more

ScheduleBull - ScheduleBull is a car rental software solution that helps users in managing their time by organizing their contracts and bills, count customers and sums of money, create several reports and much more. The company enables users to store their image files and does not require them to scan or copy those files. Also, users can access these files at any time, and from any location. ScheduleBull’s united database of reckless car rental clients helps other customers to share data and restrict further damages together….Read more

AFG Rent a Car – AFG Rent a Car helps users in controlling all the tasks associated with managing rental contracts. They can compute and print agreements, print payment receipts. The solution has powerful search capabilities on all fields in agreements and the other sections. AFG Rent a Car is a leading multi-language and multi agenda rental software that has the capability of functioning with Gregorian as well as Solar Hijri calendar simultaneously. It is a Windows OS based solution and also has a cloud version…..Read more

Apptha Anybooking – Anybooking rental solution is based on Magento, which can used be by any business which involves booking and renting as a routine part of the business. Booking of vehicles, cars, bus, spaces, or leasing anything else can be done with the help of this solution. Anybooking is completely flexible, simple to set up and organize which enables business proprietors to simply go live in and start getting bookings. Furthermore, the solution is cloud ready which means the website can be hosted on AWS Cloud in quick time….Read more

ASAP Rent – ASAP Rent offer easy navigation, instinctive, business focused navigation that facilitates quicker training and application understanding….Read more

BMS – It is an advanced, feature-loaded car rental software that offers real-time data and is multi-lingual. The software come equipped with a progressive pricing system and an integrated fleet management functionality. It also provides yield management features that help in enhancing productivity….Read more

What are most important features to look for in a Car Rental Software?

Simplified Bookings

Problems usually associated with legacy systems affect car rental software businesses and their customers as well. Bookings are typically done over the counter, demanding clients to visit the company’s facilities in order to rent a car. With best car rental software, customers themselves can book cars directly through the car rental company’s website, and simplify the process. This helps businesses in offering an improved customer experience which may also result in recurrent business. Also, correct routing guarantees that all the bookings are handled proficiently, considering both planned as well as custom timings. Car Rental Software manage repeated bookings in a way that facilitates stress free travel with little or no interruption at all.

Car Rental Tracking

One of the major issues facing the car rental market is vehicle theft. Car rental software can help businesses in tracking stolen cars, allowing them to keep a track of both incoming as well as outgoing units. Apart from this, Car rental software also enables users to see if a vehicle is being used even when it is not rented. Another advantage of using best car rental software is its ability to identify speeding, which is one of the major reasons of accidents. Users are warned about the inappropriate use of their vehicles.

Inventory Management

For smaller car rental companies, managing the entire fleet inventory may not as difficult as compared to the inventories of the bigger companies. As the number of vehicles grow, the inventories grow which may also result in confusions regarding vehicle obtainability. This is vastly applicable to businesses that have several fleet settings.

Driver Management

Best car rental software removes the problem of late drivers. This is possible because car rental software make use of GPS tracking functionality, which precisely locates drivers and helps customers in tracking their arrival time. It also help the drivers as they can similarly locate customers.

Real-Time Reporting

It is important for the car rental software companies to know the location of their vehicles are at any given time. Car rental software have the ability to provide businesses with real-time reports, which also include information about bill covers and details, duty catalogues, merchant details, and driver reports. For taxi rental businesses, car rental solution help in highlighting areas with high demands at specific times.

Driver-Passenger Communication

Lack of proper communication between the customer and the car rental service provider may result in customers having to wait for their rented cars for longer time. Communication enables order validation and timely arrivals of vehicles. With car rental software, communication starts right at the moment a booking is made, with drivers and customers all playing their parts.

Revenue Management

Looking after the revenues of car rental organizations that operate multiple fleets can make it a challenging task for the executives. Also, the revenues have to be efficiently managed so that books can be precisely balanced. An ideal car rental software is proficient in handling all transactions, and also recording them in way that they can be effortlessly retrieved. Transactions can similarly be tracked remotely for enhanced user suitability.

E-Wallets and Security

The acceptance of e-wallets as a means of payment has been growing rapidly. Most customers nowadays, choose to pay with their e-wallets because they are effective and simple to use. But, car rental software businesses have to sure that their solution offers a good security. E-wallets have always been prone to susceptible to attacks, resulting in customer losses.

Intuitive Interface

It wouldn’t make much sense to deploy a car rental software that is difficult to use. Navigating through a platform has to be easy enough for users to avoid any sort of confusion. Some of the most prevalent car rental software in the market are recognized for their simplicity both for car rental businesses as well as customers. The solution should be able to manage bookings, billing, and communication with just with minimum efforts.

Mobile Optimization

At a glimpse, this feature may not seem to be really critical from a car rental company’s point of view. But, for customers, this feature hold a lot of value. Mobile applications basically help in speeding up the learning curve particularly for customers, letting them to learn the app by themselves. Furthermore, mobile optimization also helps users to use the solution from anu location and at any time.

Fleet Management
Car rental businesses can possibly come across challenging problems while managing their fleets. Manual intervention often make businesses struggle with their costs, and unhappy customers. For car rental organizations, fleet management does not only mean that their vehicles are running efficiently and are fuelled timely. car rental software also help businesses in automating fleet management and facilitating efficient use of resources that comprise vehicles, maintenance, and fuel.  

Paperless Transactions

Businesses of today need to move away from the confusion caused due to manual transactions and filing systems. Best car rental software enables businesses in avoiding manual paperwork and go paperless, since these solutions support electronic billing, invoicing and even storage. This is particularly helpful in avoiding automobile damage disagreements as most of the car rental solutions enable users to click images or record videos of their vehicles prior to renting them out. This is also meant to make customers aware of the condition that their car was in before renting it out.

Location Mapping

As one of the most important areas in managing a car rental business, location mapping, typically comes built-in with any car rental solution. Location map correctness is critical for better communication amongst drivers and clients. Businesses have to be sure that their chosen car rental solution offers the appropriate geocodes, postcodes and addresses integrated into the maps.

What is the importance of a GPS Tracking System in a car rental management solution?

Helps with directions, searching for different routes; enhances customer experience

Providing correct directions is the clearest benefit of having a GPS functionality on board a vehicle.

Tourists are the people who most often rent a car and are likely to lose track of their route. But, with the help of a GPS tracker at their service, it will be easier for the customers to find their way out without much hassle. The tracker can also recognize locations that are typically high-traffic zones and help them in searching for alternative directions through which the customers can get to their destination quickly, without any hassles which clearly results in client satisfaction. The solutions also helps customers by providing them with details on the nearby pumps, eateries that they can visit as well as neighbouring accommodation.

Facilitates real-time vehicle tracking

What if the customer drives away the vehicle on a route than was not included in the plan? Without having a GPS tracker, there is a higher possibility that the users will not be able to keep on the decided route and may lose out on the proper direction and even if the company gets to know about it, it wouldn’t be able to do much. As the name itself says, a GPS tracker helps users in keeping a track of every movement of the vehicle at all times. The tracker helps businesses to see the vehicle location in real-time and help them confirm that their cars are being treated appropriately by the clients. In case of a big fleet, it is difficult to manage and exclusively monitor every single vehicle. It then, becomes important to invest in a good quality vehicle tracking system that helps users in keeping an overview of the whole fleet. As a result, business can monitor, see the route and the accurate position of any vehicle from any location through their mobile device or desktop. Car rental software also boosts real and appropriate communication amongst the company and drivers, which then wouldn’t have been likely in case of an emergency.


With the GPS tracking system integrated in the fleet, users can easily create a virtual geographic borderline outside which the vehicle will not be able to traverse. This may be relating to crossing boundaries or state lines. Users can also get alerts, alarms or push messages that intimate them whenever the car is crossing a fixed boundary. They do not have to invest any additional efforts or money as the GPS manages all of this automatically. This is particularly helpful when users do not hold an authorization to function in a specific area and the odds are that the driver might drive that way during the ride.

Cost Saving

The GPS tracking system also keeps a track of other important after details such as fuel usage, maintenance requirements of the vehicle. Most advanced GPS tracking system computes the vehicle’s mileage and notifies the users about the future routine maintenance. Users can also be certain of the health of their vehicle and plan their drives consequently. This also helps users in routing their vehicles better. The car rental service provider gets a better clarity on car availability and can also decide on what can be provided to the clients in the range. It also decreases idle time as the drivers are under continuous supervision. With GPS systems, businesses remain aware of all the likely interruptions well in advance, which also helps them to look for various options in order to keep the customers satisfied. With the help of a GPS tracker, users can also find out if their vehicle is using more fuel than expected. It will routinely compute the fuel consumed and users can compare it against the distance toured to get a better picture. 

Fleet and client safety

Stealing is the biggest concern of most of the car rental service providers. But the risk of theft can be considerably reduced with the help of a GPS system set up in the fleet. The tracker provides precise direction in which vehicle moves and it also notifies the service providers in case there is something inappropriate. In the situation of a vehicle theft, service providers can locate their car with the help of the GPS system and track it down to the exact location. Advanced GPS tracking systems also help users to stop the vehicle remotely if they suspect a robbery or usage outside the rental period. Moreover as the drivers are aware that they are under continuous surveillance, they will ensure that there is no inappropriate driving happening or any traffic rules disobeyed. The GPS can also help the clients in case of distress. If an accident occurs, the company can track the location of the car and send instant help. The GPS tracking system also has an SOS button that can be used by the users to intimate the police and the service provider of any unfortunate incident.

Provides insights

The tracker keeps a tab if the vehicle is not being tainted by the customers. Mot usual types of rental car misuse comprise reckless driving, engine abuse, recurrent braking, tailgating, and seat-belt violations amongst other misuses. It also check car sensors to ensure effective utilization. It also provides an option of history replay where users can view all the location where the vehicle was driven. This helps in cases if there is a damage grievance, legal subjects and insurance claims. Differing from the popular belief, integrating a GPS tracking system in a vehicle is not very expensive. Advanced GPS trackers are generally hardwired into the vehicle systems so that they can develop power from the car’s electric system rather than relying on any other outside resource. With this, the users do not need to change batteries or spend extra money to keep the GPS up and running.

What is Connected Car Rental and how does it help the Car Rental Businesses?

Connected Car Rental is a ground-breaking concept that leverages telematics in order to facilitate two-way communications among commercial vehicles and operations management. The connected car technology facilitates connecting service providers, drivers, and customers to simplify their daily work and make it more convenient.

Data Collection

Connected cars allow businesses to collect all the data that is required for improved vehicle diagnostics and maintenance. Vehicle usage data also helps in understanding the use cases and be ready for future demands.

Asset Management

Connected Car Technology offers businesses critical insights into the number of vehicles they own, their location, and every vehicle’s status. This enables better asset management and vehicle retrieval. The connected intelligence also helps in reducing the possibility of vehicle let-downs in the future with predictive analytics.

Fleet Operations Management

Connected technology ensures instant vehicle pick-up and return. It also helps businesses to better track idle cars. The geofencing feature notifies the businesses whenever vehicles exit the area that they were hired for. The technology also notifies them when cars are prepared to be hired, making the whole planning and inventory process totally well-organized for car rentals. 

Vehicle Maintenance

Connected technology helps car rental businesses to thoroughly monitor their fleet performance from time to time. It helps in getting required maintenances done on time so that the wellbeing of their vehicles, as well as the drivers, can be guaranteed. Furthermore, a vehicle maintenance timetable confirms that the timely maintenance of vehicles is properly timed based on precise mileage and odometer interpretations. This also helps in keeping all the vehicles on the road and reduce interruption. 

Breakdown Assistance

Connected cars technology is capable of facilitating an elevated, smooth customer service experience by allowing instant response and failure assistance. 

Accident Management

The connected car technology offers a clear interpretation of vehicle history and helps in reducing the cost of accidents and likely lawsuit.

Fuel Monitoring

Connected cars technology can prove to be of great help in operational cost optimization through fuel monitoring. It allows businesses to validate fuel levels and mileage of the received rental cars to optimize fuel costs. Service providers and consumers can easily know the quantity of fuel that was available in the tank when the car was rented, compared to the quantity when it was returned. This precision and transparency helps both car rental service providers and consumers. 

Contract Management

The technology helps users to instantly create and handle agreements and make them available as and when required. It helps to users to be aware of the vehicle contract terms and workshop visits, and notify the fleet manager consequently.

Optimizing De-fleeting & Buy-Back

With the most updated connected car data, service providers can simply find which vehicles are better to de-fleet earlier. Furthermore, by being informed about the precise details on the use, mileage, and engine health of rental vehicles, service providers can sell a better buy-back price while to car dealers.

Reports & Analytics

Connected car technology provides car rental businesses with better control of their vehicles with dynamic reporting and analytics. 

Increasing Rental Sales

Connected car and smartphone technologies provide increased accessibility to customers, thus increasing the company’s car rental deals and making more business.

Customer Retention

As customers become more and more easy with connected car technology, car rental service providers can scale up their operations to maintain current customers.

What are the factors to be looked at before buying a Car Rental Software?

Cloud Integration

Along with the constant movement of the cars, all the information associated with the cars should also be accessible on the go. A cloud-based car rental solution provides users with the benefit of retrieving the information from any location, at any time, provided that they are connected to the internet. As an outcome, all the pertinent information about the drivers, vehicles, and customers is readily available. Car rental software also decreases operational costs as there is no spending on storage or IT systems.

User Friendly Interface

If the customer faces issues in communicating with the service provider, it wouldn’t matter much whatever car is available for rent. All the features and functionalities of the car rental management software should be carefully arranged and these shouldn’t complicate the customers. The solution should also simplify booking, arranging, or withdrawing a reservation.

GPS Tracking System

Longer waiting time post booking a ride can be irritating for the customers and reflects gravely on the company’s service as well. A GPS tracker removes the distress of the drivers being late as the customers can get to know the precise location of the car at any assumed point and can also guess the arrival time. With the help of a GPS tracker, the car renting service provider can also keep a check on the fleet movement.

Monitor Drivers

Drivers are an important resource of any auto rental business. But they do not always remain in front of the supervisors. A car rental software should provide users with a tracker which would help them in tracking the drivers. The software should have the capability of recording the attendance of the driver, register an entry of their log time and the also the routes that they take.

Best Car Rental Software

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BMS is an all-rounder software providing quality services related to vehicle management. It is a flexible platform which can adapt to any company, irrespective of their scale. Its services are not limited to one country but can be availed in any country in the world through its multilingual and localized interface. BMS also offers an advanced pricing module which contains a convenient setup, fast computation of rates and various insurance options among other features.

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Speed is an effective car rental solution that assists car rental companies to enhance their efficiency and attain greater business success. It also provides customized- solutions. It keeps clients updated about non-revenue movements, workshop movements, idle vehicles, open rental agreements, numerous rental modules like rental tariff module, fleet management module, and movements modules, and many more. All the operations are in user’s hands 24*7, because even though a client is not available at your office, the client can access the Bookings, Rental Agreements and full hire car system from the mobile. This gives the user’s more control.
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This tool is a next-generation power packed, fully featured car rental software solution. The software implies the smooth functioning of business and derives maximum profit by automation of day-to-day tasks. This permits the software to take charge of boat rentals and travel agency businesses as well. The platform offers customization of invoice, billing structure, rental agreements, and inventory management by creating their own Bots and POS. With this tool one can sell from multiple points, split workflow, save time and track your vehicles through GPS. It includes SMS integration, unlimited vehicles, vehicle health monitor, rental agreements, invoicing and payments, booking scheduler, reporting and others. 

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Turo is a car sharing marketplace where guests can book any car they require. It is a place where travellers book cars from local owners. Turo allows its guests to choose unique makes and models and hosts earn extra money to offset the costs of car ownership. Turo car rental software finds the perfect vehicle for the guests and drives the perfect one trip for the guests.

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Era is an innovative and powerful system designed by well-versed rental industry professionals. The software’s set of features sprinkles every facet of vehicle rental enterprise management with real-time intelligence. One of its noteworthy features is the on-screen user interface designed to stimulate the simplicity of use. This makes it easy for staff to get up to speed with its usability thus optimizing ongoing productivity. It also helps users traverse the entire rental process with ease, thereby minimizing errors to promote accurate billing and high data integrity.  This ensures secure, fast, and flexible reporting at all levels of organization. The suite provides powerful features such as detailed selection criteria and user-group level security that deliver in-depth data analysis.

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