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Cloud Broker
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Cloud Broker USP

It provides the choice for the right cloud services based on business requirements. It also checks that operational consistency is maintained by ensuring that all deployments in the cloud are based on blueprints that are approved and comply with company policies. 

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An efficient way to manage any hybrid cloud infrastructure, Cloud Broker presented by Bottomwood simplifies multiple cloud consumption by effectively brokering the workloads. From the blueprint to the final production, workloads can be modelled, automated, managed and provisioned across several cloud providers. With this tool pricing, there is a massive reduction in efforts and risks of controlling cloud services through automated processes. 


Available within an affordable range, the exact Cloud Broker pricing is not available on their official website. Business organizations can register themselves to get or send the quotes and negotiate the cost according to the services expected. Connect with support to schedule the demo at your preferred time.


Businesses can register themselves with Buttonwood to book a free demo of Cloud Broker. All features of the products are provided in this free trial and organizations also have the option to request for any special requirements. 


Some of the features that distinguish Cloud Broker from other cloud management softwares are- 

  • Development of reusable service blueprints
  • It defines SLOs (Service Level Objectives) and options of model deployment across providers.
  • It saves a blueprint to use it for an entire stack of applications as a template.
  • Creation of multi-level governance policies 
  • ‘Hours of Operation Policy’- decides on the time of running of the workload.
  • ‘Region Policy’- helps to limit the regions of operation of the workloads according to the requirements of the organization. 
  • ‘Lowest Cost Conforming Bid’
  • All results are based on an organization's internal policies, set hours of operations and requirements.
  • Provides a detailed idea of which region provider and cloud provider offers the least cost.
  • Full-stack service provisioning is automated 
  • Organizations can bring their own cloud account or Cloud Broker can create one within a low Cloud Broker pricing.
  • Once the policies are fixed, business users can use the cloud without any intervention from the IT department. 


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Cloud Broker
64 Buyers Negotiating
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Cloud Broker Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Seamless integrations”

It is a seamless platform with diverse uses. It also has integrations with important third-party services.
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Software Saves company costs with ‘Lowest Cost Conforming Bid””

It is possible to see BCX savings and this tool provides insights to multi-purpose policies. It is just awesome.
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