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CloudBolt is a management tool that helps in managing environments, empower developer self-service and multi-cloud management with access control and governance. It reduces dependencies of several teams into one central team that manages and controls a whole environment by its exclusive features. The best cloud service provider that allows flexibility in choosing the suitable tools for a separate workload.

CloudBolt Pricing

CloudBolt has various packages as per the user requirements and virtual necessities of a customer. CloudBolt pricing changes based on configuration requirements, usage, location, and operating systems. Its complete packages start from $8500.00 per year up to user requirements. Also, they offer VMs in production as per the requirements at an optimized budget.


CloudBolt offers a trial version for free to all users. They offer customized demos for the build, manage and deploy private or public clouds as per requirements. Follow CloudBolt pricing packages for full package service and IT support.

CloudBolt Features

Here are some of the amazing features that provide greater efficiency and agility to Business.

Kubernetes Management Platform
  • Encourage developers to build an idea of applications instead of making similar things for the same kind of applications
  • No need to learn Kubernetes cluster and its applications as CloudBolt allows deployment of multi-node Kubernetes clusters for container environments in with few clicks
Multi-Cloud Management System
  • Provide you an extension of multi-cloud platform that includes various scenarios, a central team can manage whole organizational visibility and control
  • Provide freedom of using the public, private and hybrid cloud as per the requirements
Self-Service Industry
  • Provision to add resource on-demand, no need to raise a ticket or wait for accesses as an administrator can authorize all the access on click
  • Re-create environments within few clicks in case of urgency or for testing
Migrate your application in Cloud
  • Provide an open architecture for integrating new and existing services without any hindrance
  • Prepared for future technologies and enhances the delivery speed


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CloudBolt Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 07, 2020

“Efficient, Flexible and User friendly”

Easy configuration, easily rebranding, simple deployment and great support in case of any queries
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Extensible and Customizable”

A straightforward solution with less time for configuration, affordable CloudBolt Pricing and a useful resource handler for managing, provisioning and orchestrating
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